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Chapter 9 - Specifications

pg. 149 Specifications

Label information 150
Dimensions and weights 151
Engine specifications 152
Oil/fluid specifications and volumes 153
Fuel system, distributor ignition system, suspension 154
Electrical system 155
On Call Roadside Assistance 156

pg. 150 Label information

1 Vehicle Emission Control Information
Your Volvo is designed to meet all applicable emission standards, as evidenced by the certification label on the underside of the hood. For further information regarding these regulations, please consult your Volvo retailer.

2 Vacuum hose routing
(underside of hood)

3 Loads and Tire Pressures
(on inside of fuel filler door): Canadian models only.

4 Model plate
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Codes for color and upholstery, etc. The plate is located in the engine compartment, on the inside of the left front fender.

5 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) *
The VIN plate is located on the top left surface of the dashboard. The VIN is also stamped on the right hand door pillar.

6 Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) specifications (USA) and Ministry of Transport (CMVSS) standards (Canada)
Your Volvo is designed to meet all applicable safety standards, as evidenced by the certification label on the facing side of the driver's door. For further information regarding these regulations, please consult your Volvo retailer.

7 Child safety latch label

8 Loads and Tire Pressures - U.S. models only
Certain models will only have one decal, depending on the specifications of the vehicle.

* The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) should always be quoted in all correspondence concerning your vehicle with the retailer and when ordering parts.

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

pg. 151 Dimensions and weights

Length 190.9 in. (485 cm)
Width 72.1 in. (183 cm)
Height 57.2 in. (145 cm)
Wheelbase 109.9 in. (279 cm)
Track, front 62.3 in. (158 cm)
Track, rear 61.4 in. (156 cm)
Turning circle (between curbs) 35.8 - 39 ft. (10.9 - 12 m)
Cargo capacity - trunk 14.2 cu. ft. (0.4 m3)


AWD = All Wheel Drive USA Canada
Gross vehicle weight (GVW)
5 cyl. automatic 4560 lbs -
5 cyl. automatic AWD 4760 lbs 2160 kg
Capacity weight *
5 cyl. automatic 890 lbs -
5 cyl. automatic AWD 890 lbs 400 kg
Curb weight
5 cyl. automatic 3510-3550 lbs -
5 cyl. automatic AWD 3690-3725 lbs 1680-1695 kg
Permissible axle weight, front
5 cyl. automatic 2400 lbs -
5 cyl. automatic AWD 2440 lbs 1110 kg
Permissible axle weight, rear
5 cyl. automatic 2293 lbs -
5 cyl. automatic AWD 2400 lbs 1090 kg
Max roof load 220 lbs 100 kg
Max trailer weight
(w/o brakes) 1650 lbs 750 kg
Max trailer weight
(with brakes)
2" ball 3300 lbs ** 1500 kg
1 7/8" ball 2000 lbs 900 kg
Max tongue weight *** 165 lbs 75 kg

When adding accessories, equipment, luggage and other cargo to your vehicle, the total loaded weight capacity of the vehicle must not be exceeded.

* The max permissible axle loads or the gross vehicle weight must not be exceeded.
** When driving for prolonged periods at temperatures above 86° F (30° C), the maximum recommended weight is 2000 lbs (900 kg).
*** See also section "Trailer towing"

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

pg. 152 Engine specifications

Engine specifications
Designation: Volvo B 5254 T2
Output 208 hp at 5000 rpm (154 kW/83 rps)
Max. torque 236 ft. lbs. at 1500-4500 rpm (320 Nm/25-75 rps)
Number of cylinders 5
Bore 3.27" (83 mm)
Stroke 3.67" (93.2 mm)
Displacement 2.5 liters
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Number of valves 20

Charge air cooler (Intercooler)

Turbocharged engines employ a turbo-compressor to force air into the engine inlet manifold and a charge air cooler to cool the compressed inlet air. The resulting increase in air flow raises pressure in the intake manifold and increases engine power over that developed by the normally-aspirated engine. The charge air cooler (which resembles a radiator) is located between the turbo-compressor and inlet manifold.

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

pg. 153 Oil/fluid specifications and volumes

Engine oil
Type: Engine oil must meet the minimum ILSAC specification GF-3, API SL, or ACEA A1/B1.
Volume: 5.8 qts (5.5 liters)
Volume between MIN and MAX on dipstick: 1.3 US qts (1.2 liters)

Automatic transmission fluid
AW5: 7.6 US qts (7.2 liters), type: JWS 3309

Cooling system
Type: Positive pressure, closed system. The thermostat begins to open at 194 °F (90 °C).
Coolant: Volvo original coolant/antifreeze.
Volume: 9.5 US qts (9.0 liters)

Power steering fluid
Volvo synthetic power steering fluid (Pentosin CHF 11S) P/N 1161529 or equivalent.
Volume: 0.95 US qt (0.9 liter).

Brake fluid
DOT 4+ boiling point > 536°F (280° C) P/N 9437433
Volume: 0.6 US qt (0.6 liter)

Climate control system - refrigerant (R 134a)
Oil: PAG
Volume: 2.2 lbs (1000 g) R134a.

Minimum octane requirement - AKI 87 (RON 91)
Fuel tank volume: 18 US gal. (68 liters) .

Washer fluid reservoir
Volume: 6 cyl: 4.7 US qts. (4.5 liters)

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

pg. 154 Fuel system, Distributor Ignition system, Suspension

Fuel system
The engine is equipped with a multiport fuel injection system.

Distributor ignition system
Firing order: 1-2-4-5-3
Distributor ignition setting: Not adjustable
Spark plugs: B 5254 T2: Champion RC8PYP 8 (or equivalent)
Spark plug gap: 0.028-0.032" (0.7-0.8 mm)
Tightening torque: 18.4 ft. lbs. (25 Nm)

The distributor ignition system operates at very high voltages. Special safety precautions must be followed to prevent injury. Always turn the ignition off when:

  • Replacing distributor ignition components e.g. plugs, coil, etc.
  • Do not touch any part of the distributor ignition system while the engine is running. This may result in unintended movements and body injury.
  • Front suspension
    Spring strut suspension with integrated shock absorbers and control arms linked to the support frame. Power-assisted rack and pinion steering. Safety type steering column.
    The alignment specifications apply to an unladen car but include fuel, coolant and spare wheel.

    Rear suspension
    Individual rear wheel suspension with longitudinal support arms, double link arms and track rods.

    Vehicle loading

    The tires on your Volvo should perform to specifications at all normal loads when inflated as recommended on the tire information label. The label is located on the inside of the fuel filler door and lists vehicle design limits. Do not load your car beyond the load limits indicated.

    Improperly inflated tires will reduce tire life, adversely affect vehicle handling and can possibly lead to failure resulting in loss of vehicle control without prior warning.

    All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

    pg. 155 Electrical system

    Bulb Type Socket
    1. High/low beams 55W H7
    2. Bi-Xenon headlight (option) 35W D2R
    3. Front foglights 55W H1
    4. Front parking lights, rear side marker lights, rear footwell lighting W5W W2.1x9.5d
    Front side marker lights W3W W2.1x9.5d
    5. Front turn signals PY21W BAU 15s
    6. Side turn signals (amber) WY5W W2.1x9.5d
    7. Brake lights, backup lights, rear turn signals P21W BA15s
    8. Rear foglight, parking light P21/4W BAZ15d
    9. Rear parking light R5W BA15s
    10. License plate lighting, front footwell lighting, trunk lighting C5W SV8.5
    11. Vanity mirror 1.2W SV5.5

    Bi-Xenon headlights (option) - due to the high voltage used by these headlights, these bulbs should only be replaced by an authorized Volvo service technician.

    Electrical system
    12 Volt, negative ground.
    Voltage-controlled generator. Single-wire system with chassis and engine used as conductors. Grounded on chassis.

    Voltage: 12 Volt, capacity: 600 A/115 min. reverse capacity

    The battery contains corrosive and poisonous acids. It is of the utmost importance that old batteries are disposed of correctly. Your Volvo retailer can assist you in this matter.

    Rated output: max. current: 140 A

    Starter motor:
    Output: 1.7 kW

    All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

    pg. 156 On Call Roadside Assistance

    Volvo On Call Roadside Assistance
    Your new Volvo comes with a four-year On Call Roadside Assistance program. Additional information, features, and benefits are described in a separate information package in your glove compartment.

    If you have misplaced your package, dial:

    In the U.S.A.

    1-800-63-VOLVO (1-800-638-6586)

    In Canada:


    Technician certification
    In addition to Volvo factory training, Volvo supports certification by the National Institute for Automotive Excellence (A.S.E.). Certified technicians have demonstrated a high degree of competence in specific areas. Besides passing exams, each technician must also have worked in the field for two or more years before a certificate is issued. These professional technicians are best able to analyze vehicle problems and perform the necessary service procedures to keep your Volvo at peak operating condition.

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