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Chapter 4 - Interior

pg. 55 Interior

Front seats (electrically operated) 56
Front seats (manually operated) 58
Storage compartments 59
Storage compartment, front 60
Folding table in rear seat 62
Rear seat and cargo area 63
Spare tire 72
Auxiliary seat in cargo area, Extra handgrip - XC70 73
Interior lighting 74

pg. 56 Front seats

Electrically operated front seats (option)

From the time the driver's door is unlocked, the driver's seat can be adjusted with the ignition off during a 10 minute period, if the door remains opened. If the door is closed, the seat can be adjusted for 40 seconds.

1 - Power seat control panel

2 - Lumbar support
Turn the control for softer or firmer lumbar support.
Move the seat as far rearward as possible for easiest access to the lumbar support control.

Electrically operated seats with memory function (option)*

Power seat control panel

A Front edge of seat (raise/lower)
B Forward - rearward
C Rear edge of seat (raise/lower)
D Backrest tilt


  • Because the driver's seat can be adjusted with the ignition off, children should never be left unattended in the car.
  • Movement of the seat can be STOPPED at any time by pressing any button on the power seat control panel.
  • Do not adjust the seat while driving. The seat should be adjusted so that the brake pedal can be depressed fully. In addition, position the seat as far rearward as comfort and control allow.
  • The seat rails on the floor must not be obstructed in any way when the seat is in motion.

  • Programming the memory

    Three seat positions can be programmed. To program a seat position:

    1 Adjust the seat to the desired position.

    2 Hold down the MEM button.

    3 While holding down the MEM button, press button 1 to program the current position of the seat.

    Buttons 2 and 3 can be programmed in the same way.

    To move the seat to a programmed position, press and hold down button 1, 2 or 3 until the seat moves to the preset position and stops.

    As a safety precaution, the seat will stop automatically if the button is released before the seat has reached the programmed position.

    NOTE: The seat has an overload protector which engages if an object blocks the movement of the seat. If this happens, remove the object and wait 20 seconds before operating the seat again.

    * This option is only available on the driver's seat.

    pg. 57 Front seats

    Electrically operated seats - general information

    Adjusting the front seats:

    Passengers's seat: The passenger's seat can only be adjusted if the ignition key is in position I or II.

    Driver's seat: The driver's seat can be adjusted if the ignition key is in position I or II (see page 36). However, it can also be adjusted:

  • Within 40 seconds after the ignition has been switched off (even if the key has been removed from the ignition switch).
  • Within 40 seconds after the driver's door has been unlocked with the key or remote control and opened. The key does not have to be in the ignition switch during this period.

    Remote keyless entry system and driver's seat

    The remote control transmitter also controls the electrically operated driver's seat in the following way:

  • Adjust the seat to your preferences.
  • When you leave your car, lock it using the remote control.
  • The next time you unlock the driver's door with the same remote control(the one you used to lock the doors with) and open the driver's door, the driver's seat will automatically move to the position in which you left it.
    The seat will move to this position even if someone else has adjusted it since you last unlocked the car with the same remote control.


  • This feature will work in the same way with all of the remote control transmitters (up to 3) that you use with your car.
  • This feature will not function if you lock your car with the key.

    Folding front seat backrest

    The passenger seat backrest can be folded down to the horizontal position for carrying long loads. To fold down the backrest:
  • Move the seat as far rearward as possible
  • Adjust the backrest tilt to the most upright position
  • Lift the catches on the lower rear side of the backrest
  • Without releasing the catches, push the backrest forward
  • Move the seat as far forward as possible

    Cover sharp edges on the load to help prevent injury to occupants. Secure the load to help prevent shifting during sudden stops.

    pg. 58 Front seats

    Manual height adjustment - front seat

    The front edges of the driver and passenger seat cushions can be adjusted to seven different settings and the rear edges to nine different settings.
    Lever (A) - adjusting the front edge of the seat.
    Lever (B) - adjusting the rear edge of the seat.

    Manual front-rear adjustment

    The seat can be moved forward or rearward by pulling up on the front-rear adjustment bar.
    Check that the seat is securely locked into position after adjusting.


    Do not adjust the seat while driving. The seat should be adjusted so that the brake pedal can be depressed fully. In addition, position the seat as far rearward as comfort and control allow.

     front seat

    pg. 59 Storage compartments

    Clip for toll booth tickets, etc.

    Make sure that no hard, sharp or heavy objects lie on or in any of the storage places where they might cause injury during heavy braking.

    Ashtray (option)

    To empty the ashtrays:
    Front seat, open the ashtray, pull out the insert.
    Rear seat, as above.

    Cup holders

    Some models are equipped with cup holders for the front and rear seat occupants. You can also use the center console's storage compartment for cassette tapes, CD's etc.

    Coin compartment (option)

    To remove the coin compartment: Press the middle of the compartment while pulling it straight up.

    Storage compartment and armrest

    Inside the armrest there is a storage compartment which you may use for different personal accessories.

    The armrest's lid is twofold.
    To open only the upper lid: press the locking mechanism underneath the upper lid and fold the lid backwards to desired position.
    To open the upper and lower lid: lift the lid from underneath upwards and fold to desired position.

    pg. 60 Cup holders, Glove compartment

    Cup holder in the center console for rear seat passengers (XC70 only)

    This cup holder is only available on the XC70 with a 3-section rear seat.
  • To use the cup holder, open the cover on the center console and fold it rearward. The cup holder and the cover open together.
  • The cup holder and the cover can be closed separately.

    NOTE: If the cup holder is subjected to weights above approximately 12 lbs (5 kg), it will fold down slightly to help prevent damage to the hinges.

    Storage in the glove compartment

    The glove compartment has storage spaces designed specifically to hold credit cards, pens, and pencils.

    pg. 61 Storage compartments, front, Coat hanger

    Pen holder on the center console

    Coat hanger

    Use the coat hanger for clothes of normal weight.

    pg. 62 Folding Table in rear seat

    Folding Table (option)

    Pull the tab and fold the table section forward.

    Fold the armrest in the backrest forward. Fold out the table so that it rests on the armrest. Press to release the cup holder. You do not have to fold the backrest forward, if you only want to use the cup holder.

    To close: Fold the table section upward into place. Fold the arm under the table inward being careful not to pinch your hand. Pull the handle and fold the table section back into place.

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