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S40 & V40

pg. 46 Opening the trunk from the inside - S40

Opening the trunk from the inside - S40 (U.S. models only)
The S40 is equipped with a florescent handle on the inside of the trunk lid, which can be used in an emergency situation to open the trunk from the inside.
Pull the handle down to release the trunk lid.

NOTE: This handle is not intended to be used to anchor the trunk lid when long loads are being transported.


  • Keep vehicle doors and trunk locked and keep keys out of a child's reach. Unsupervised children could lock themselves in an open trunk and risk injury. Children should be taught not to play in vehicles.
  • On hot days, the temperature in the trunk or vehicle interior can rise very quickly. Exposure of people to these high temperatures for even a short period of time can cause heat-related injury or death. Small children are particularly at risk.

  • pg. 47 Manually operated front seats

    1 Height adjustment

    The front section of the driver's seat can be adjusted to seven different height settings and the rear section can be adjusted to nine different height settings.

    Lever A = adjustment of front section

    Lever B = adjustment of rear section

    Do not adjust the seat while driving. The seat should be adjusted so that the brake pedal can be depressed fully. In addition, position the seat as far rearward as comfort and control allow. The seat rails on the floor must not be obstructed in any way when the seat is moved.

    2 Forward-rearward seat adjustment

    Pull the control upward, then slide the seat forward or rearward to the desired position. Make sure that the seat is properly secured when you release the control.

    3 Lumbar support

    Use this control to adjust softer or firmer lumbar support.

    4 Backrest tilt

    Rotate the control to tilt the backrest rearward and or forward.

    Folding front seat

    The seat backrest can be folded down to the horizontal position for carrying long loads. To fold down the backrest:

    · Move the seat as far rearward as possible

    · Adjust the backrest tilt to the most upright position

    · Lift the catches on the lower rear side of the backrest

    · Without releasing the catches, push the backrest forward

    · Move the seat as far forward as possible

    pg. 48 Electrically operated seat - option

    3 Lumbar support

    Use this control to adjust softer or firmer lumbar support.

    Power seat control panel

    Electrically operated seats

    A Seat front (raise/lower)
    B Forward - rearward
    C Seat rear (raise/lower)
    D Backrest tilt

    The power driver's seat is operable with the ignition OFF. Therefore, children should never be left unattended in the car.

    Note! The electrically operated drivers seat has an overload protector that activates if the seat is blocked by an obstacle. If this happens, wait for about 20 seconds before using the seat again.

    pg. 49 Child safety locks

    Location and setting of child safety lock

    Child safety locks

    The controls are located on the rear door jambs.

    A The door cannot be opened from the inside. Normal operation from the outside.

    B The door can be opened from the inside.

    Remember, in the event of an accident, the rear seat passengers cannot open the doors from the inside with the buttons in position A.

    pg. 50 Rear/side-view/vanity mirrors

    Vanity mirrors

    The light illuminates when the cover is opened.

    Rearview mirror

    B Normal position

    A Night position, reduces glare from following headlights

    Electrically operated side-view mirrors

    The switches for setting the two outer door mirrors are furthest forward on the driver's door armrest.

    Toggle the switch to position L for the left mirror and to position R for the right mirror. Adjust the position by tilting the adjustment knob. When you have set the position, toggle the switch again into position N.

    The mirrors should always be adjusted prior to driving. Objects seen in the wide-angle right side-view mirror are closer than they appear to be.

    pg. 51 Courtesy lighting front and rear, Sun roof (option)

    Front lighting

    Courtesy lighting front and rear

    The courtesy lights can be turned on by pressing the button L, and off by pressing the button R. The lights are also on a timer that turns the lights on for 30 seconds if:

    · You unlock the car from the outside with the key or remote control.

    · You switch off the ignition (turn the key to position 0).

    Rear general lighting
    The courtesy lights stay on for 10 minutes if one of the doors is left open after the car is unlocked. The courtesy lights switch off if:

    · The engine is started.

    · The car is locked from the outside with the key or remote control.

    Electrically operated sun roof
    The ignition key must be in position II. The sunroof has an "AUTO OPEN" function. Press the left side of the toggle switch once, briefly, and release to automatically open the sun roof to the driving position. The driving position reduces rumbling wind noise. Press and hold the switch to open it the rest of the way (fully open position).

    pg. 52 Sun roof (option)

    Ventilation position (A)
    Press the button (1) shortly once on the right-hand side to open the sunroof to maximum ventilation.
    If you press the button again on the left- or right-hand side then the sunroof will stop.
    The left-hand side of the button must be pressed and held to close the sunroof completely.

    Sliding position (B) Press the button (1) shortly once on the left-hand side to open the sunroof . The sunroof will stop in the "driving position" (*). Press and hold the button again on the left-hand side and the sunroof will slide to fully open position(**). During sliding, the sunroof will stop by pressing the button again on the left-or right-hand side.
    The right-hand side of the button must be pressed and held to close the sunroof completely.

    (*) Driving position : A position where the sunroof is not fully open. This is to alleviate 'booming noise' during driving.

    (**) Fully open position : This position is not recommended while driving.

    NB: Do not close the sunscreen with the sunroof open. This may prevent it working properly.

    Sunscreen The sunroof also comes with a manually operated sunscreen. This automatically opens with the sunroof.

    The sun roof must never be obstructed in any way when in operation.
    * A position where the sun roof is not quite fully open. This position helps alleviate "rumbling" wind noise.

    See page 100 for instructions on manually closing the sun roof.

    pg. 53 Hood, Luggage cover

    Hood release lever under dashboard

    To open the hood

    · Pull the lever located under the left side of the dash to release the hood locks.

    · Lift the hood slightly.

    · Push the release control on the inside of the lower edge of the grille upward and lift the hood.

    Check that the hood locks properly when closed.

    Hood release control under grille

    Press the hood securely into place when closing

    Luggage cover attachment points

    Luggage cover (V40)

    Pull out the luggage cover (underneath the parcel shelf), and hook it on to the pins (A) in the rear pillars in the luggage compartment.

    Removing luggage cover:
    · Raise the rear edge (B) of the hat shelf and slide the shelf out toward the rear.
    · Install in reverse order, making sure that the hat shelf seats firmly around the side mounting pins.

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