pg. 109 Storage compartments

 Storage compartments


Packages on the rear window shelf can obscure vision and may become dangerous projectiles in the event of a sudden stop or an accident.

Anchor any heavy objects to help prevent them from moving during sudden stops.

pg. 110 Storage compartments

 Storage compartments

Storage compartments in the center console
Cup holder
Cup holders are provided for the front seat occupants (optional in the rear seat).
You can also use the storage compartment in the center console for CD's, etc.

Coin compartment To remove the coin compartment, pull it straight up.

Ashtray (accessory)
Pull out the insert to empty the astray.

 Storage compartments

Cup holder in rear seat 2.4T/T5 (option on 2.4)
Press the cup holder in the rear seat center armrest to release it.

pg. 111 Storage compartments

 Storage compartments

Cup holder in the dashboard (option)

  • Press the holder to open.
  • Adjust the holder by pressing the arms inwards.
  • Press the holder in after use.


    Never use glass bottles. Remember also that hot drinks may cause burns.

     Storage compartments

    Pen holder
    The dashboard contains a pen holder.

     Storage compartments
     Storage compartments

    Glove compartment
    The glove compartment can be used to store things such as the owner's manual, maps, pens,

    Accessory bracket
    The side panel on the passenger side of your car is equipped with a bracket for various accessories. The bracket has a cover that must be removed before it can be used.

    This can be used to fit a hook for a handbag, waste bin, pocket for personal effects, etc. Consult your Volvo retailer.

    pg. 112 Storage compartments

     Storage compartments

    Coat hanger
    Use the coat hanger for clothes of normal weight.

    pg. 113 Rear seat and trunk

     Folding the rear seat backrest

    Folding the rear seat backrest Both rear seat backrests can be folded down, together or individually to enable you to transport long objects.

    Fold the rear seat backrests as follows:

  • Check first that the head restraint is folded down.
  • Pull the handle in the cargo compartment as shown in the illustration.
  • Fold the backrest down.

     Folding the rear seat backrest


    Keep vehicle doors and the luggage compartment locked and keep keys out of a child's reach. Unsupervised children could lock themselves in an open trunk and risk injury. Children should be taught not to play in vehicles.

    On hot days, the temperature in the trunk or vehicle interior can rise very quickly. Exposure of people to these high temperatures for even a short period of time can cause heat-related injury or death. Small children are particularly at risk.


    When the backrest is returned to the upright position, check that it is properly locked in place. Return the head restraints to the upright position.

    Long loads should always be securely anchored to help avoid injury in the event of a sudden stop.

    Always turn the engine off and apply the parking brake when loading/unloading the vehicle.

    Place the transmission in the (P) ark position (automatic transmission) to help prevent inadvertent movement of the gear selector. The car features a 60/40 split fold-down rear seat. This function is performed by handles inside the trunk, and also provides a means for children and adults to enter the passenger compartment in the event they become locked inside the trunk.

    Adults are advised to familiarize themselves with the operation and location of the release handles.

    To fold down the rear seats from inside the trunk, pull the release control handles located on either side of the trunk.

    pg. 114 Rear seat and trunk

     Carrying long loads

    Carrying long loads
    The center backrest cushion folds forward, allowing you to transport long, light cargo such as skis in the trunk of your car. To lower the backrest:

  • Pull the right release control handle in the trunk to release the backrest (see page 113).
  • From the rear seat, fold down the right section of the backrest slightly *.
  • Release the flap by pushing the catch (located on the rear side of the backrest) upward and pulling the flap forward.
  • Return the backrest to the upright

     Storage compartments

    Grocery bag holder (option)
    Open the trunk lid. Hang or secure your grocery bags using the tensioning straps or holders.

     Storage compartments

    Center head restraints
    The center head restraint can be adjusted according to the passenger's height. The restraint should be carefully adjusted to support the occupant's head.

    The head restraint can be raised by pulling straight up or lowered by pressing the catch at the base of the left head restraint support and pushing down.

    pg. 115 Spare wheel and tools

     Spare wheel and tools

    Spare wheel, tools and jack
    The spare wheel, jack and tool kit are located under the floor of the trunk. To access the spare tire:

  • Pull up the floor mats, front and rear
  • Remove the jack and tool kit.
  • Unscrew the spare wheel and lift it out.


    Make sure that the spare tire, jack and tool bag are properly secured with the securing bracket to help keep these components in place in the event of a sudden stop.

    If the car is equipped with a grocery bag holder:

  • Turn the two clips, which are located at the rear corner of the mat, 90°.
  • Pull the front of the floor mat back towards the trunk lid opening.
  • Lift the mat slightly and turn 90° to lift it out.
  • Lift the mat out of the trunk.
  • Unscrew the spare tire and lift it out.
  • Return and secure everything in reverse order.

    See also page 161 for more information on using the jack.

    pg. 116 Spare wheel and tools

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