S60 Puts Passion Into REVOLVOLUTION

The new Volvo S60 is a sophisticated sedan with cutting-edge technology, a coupe profile and a sporty soul, built with Volvo’s legendary safety engineering.

Based on Volvo’s P2 platform, the S60 uses high torsional stiffness and refined suspension tuning to deliver dramatically improved ride quality with exceptional handling. Highly evolved 5-cylinder engines with available turbocharging, automatic or manual 5-speed transmissions, and state-of-the-art braking and traction control systems confirm S60 as a fine European sedan with a performance pedigree.

The cockpit design of the S60 optimizes the driving experience with clear instruments and logical controls, comfortable orthopedic seats and other driver-centric creature comforts. And the S60 delivers more. The coupe profile belies the S60’s spacious interior with comfortable seating for five The smooth, aerodynamic shape and exceptional build quality make the interior a quiet, refined environment.

Safety features abound with standard Side Impact Protection System with side airbags and Inflatable Curtain, Whiplash protection seating, seat belts with pyrotechnic pre-tensioners in all seating positions, dual-stage front airbags, plus Volvo’s safety cage construction. Extensive personal security features and industry-leading environmental control technologies are reassuring evidence that the Volvo S60 is the modern interpretation of the sporty sedan for thoughtful buyers.

“My mandate was to design a car that will appeal to younger people, those who wouldn’t normally consider a Volvo. In short, design a Volvo sedan that is inspired by a sports car and drives like one," comments Volvo’s Chief of Design, Peter Horbury.

“I wanted to bring forward recognizable symbols of our past, design elements that define Volvo. The grille is derived from performance turbos of our past. The strong ‘V’ hood line is lifted from our 122 series and the strong shoulder line from our 140 series. But I also wanted something bolder. I brought in the C70 Coupe roof line and, with clever packing, created a rather comfortable rear seat for tall passengers," states the S60 designer Giza Loczi. “It’s a true Volvo sedan with the heart and soul of a coupe."

S60 Buyers
They will be around 35-38 years old and relatively successful early in life, 50/50 split between men and women. Pre-family or late-start families with median income around $100,000. Well educated and early adopters of technology: Palm VIIs, Internet phones. They are confident but not cocky, value merit over title and likely self-employed or work for a start-up. Value authenticity – opposed to traditional status symbols. Demographics like the new MB C-Class, but don’t need the ‘badge’.

Competitive Group
Trade-ups are expected from Toyota Camry, VW Passat, Honda Accord, Acura. They will cross-shop from A4 2.8, BMW 3-series, MB C-Class.

Volvo C70: Coupe and Convertible with elegance and ability

It was the ground-breaking design of the first Volvo C70 that captured the imagination of critics and consumers alike, and began to change the way that Americans look at Volvo automobiles. Today, the C70 Coupe and Convertible have become the keystone of the new school of design that has transformed the entire Volvo model line. But the evocative style that broke the stereotype of the square, stolid Swede is matched by exhilarating performance and elegant luxury, making the C70 Coupe and Convertible worthy competitors in the market for premium coupes and convertibles.

Beneath the taut, muscular shape and sensuous lines lives the power to fulfil the promise of performance made by the new design. For the C70 Coupe, that means a powerful 236 hp 5-cylinder, 2.3-liter engine with inter-cooled high-pressure turbo and 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission. The C70 Convertible expands the possibilities with the addition of a 190 hp, 2.4-liter engine with light pressure turbo and 5-speed automatic. Available Stability and Traction Control, standard 4-channel ABS brakes with sophisticated electronic force distribution, dazzling 16- and 17-inch wheels, and delicious leather trim and wood accents are among the many ingredients that make the C70s genuine touring automobiles.

Can safety be stylish? It can in a Volvo C70, with three-point seatbelts and head restraints at all seating positions, side impact protection system (SIPS) with enhanced side airbags, and WHIPS whiplash protection seats as standard equipment. (The C70 Convertible even provides roll-over protection with the unique ROPS system.)

“ I intended to set the stage for future design with the C70 Coupe. I wanted a Volvo that would be desired, one with ageless styling and yet show our past. This is our first true sports coupe in almost 30 years. I intentionally challenged my design team to create a new styling language for Volvo," comments Volvo’s Chief of Design, Peter Horbury. “I threw away the box and kept the toy."

Coupe and Convertible Buyers
Most coupe buyers are male, in their mid-40’s. Their reasons to buy are design and performance. They are “spec sheet" buyers who are looking for unique design. The will cross-shop other coupes – a lot. And thrive on analysis before making their decision.

Convertible buyers are predominately (70%) women. For them, it’s more about “wind in your face" rather than performance and drivetrain. The convertible buyer’s attitude is “I’ve earned this car, I owe it to myself." They tend not to cross-shop. This is more of an impulse decision than one of analysis.

Competitive Group
Coupe: BMW 3 Ci series and M3, Lexus SC300/400 and MB CLK Coupe.

Volvo S80: The intelligent choice for luxury with sophistication, style

Since its introduction in 1998, the elegant Volvo S80 sedan has carved out a growing share of the market for premium luxury sedans and earned an enviable reputation for its unique ability to deliver style with safety, sophistication with practicality, and luxury with environmental responsibility. The flagship of the Volvo Car Corporation line, the 2001 Volvo S80 refines the car’s benchmark safety and environmental performance while enhancing comfort and convenience.

With silky-smooth power from a pair of highly evolved in-line 6-cylinder engines, a choice of sophisticated stability and traction control systems, and acclaimed ride and handling, S80 performance meets the high standards expected of a European luxury sedan. A host of technical innovations, from mirrors with memories to headrests that fold at the touch of a button, provide the complete driving experience.

While the S80 surrounds its owners in supple leather upholstery and subtle Scandinavian colors and designs, and soothes them with premium audio offerings, it also protects them with Volvo safety engineering. Pioneering innovations such as Inflatable Curtain for side impact protection and WHIPS whiplash protection seating, plus dual-stage front airbags and SIPS side impact protection with side airbags, make S80 the industry standard for occupant protection. Protection for the environment is also a priority for the Volvo S80, with features like the PremAir "! radiator to help reduce ground level ozone, an all new internal air quality filtration system and the auto industry“ s first Environmental Product Declaration of environmental practices.

"In the S80's first year, it out-sold many luxury sedan competitors. Out flagship sedan is capturing buyers who never considered Volvo as a competitive alternative to other European luxury automobiles. Dollar for dollar, one would be hard pressed to find another sedan with the ride quality, safety engineering, value for the money, and built with concern for our environment, as is our S80," comments Mark LaNeve, Volvo Cars of North America CEO and President.

S80 Buyers
They are the company’s oldest owners with median age of 55. Very married, empty nesters who are senior managers in their professions. They consider the S80 handsome, luxurious, roomy and safe. They are coming out of domestic cars and are “move ups" from cars like the Toyota Camry.

Competitive Group
Acura 3.5 RL, Audi A6, BMW 5-series, Cadillac Seville, Jaguar S-Type, Lexus GS300/GS400, Lincoln Continental and LS, MB E-Class, Oldsmobile Aurora, and Saab 9-5.

Volvo S80 Executive: European Limousine Luxury

Americans abroad are sometimes surprised to see Volvo cars in limousine service, slicing through the streets of the world’s capitals and commercial centers, delivering diplomats and executives in comfort, style and, of course, safety. For 2001, an executive version of the popular S80 luxury sedan is available in North America, tailored to the needs of the executive fleet operator or the owner seeking just a little extra.

Dimensionally identical to the S80 2.9 and S80 T6, the S80 Executive concentrates on optimizing the interior for comfort, convenience – and business. The executive rear seating provides 2 inches of additional rear legroom and includes a rear center console with DVD player, 68-channel color TV, video screen, 12-volt refrigerator and audio/video remote control.

Uniquely styled rear seating assures comfortable seating for two. A wide center rear console provides space for video screen, additional DC voltage plugs, and controls for heated rear seats, electric rear window sun shade and the DVD player.

The full array of technology and safety innovations that furnish the 2.9 and T6 versions are also available in the S80 Executive, including powertrain, audio, convenience and comfort features. Standard safety features include: Dual stage front air bags, Side Impact Protection System with side impact air bags, Inflatable Curtain, and Whiplash Protection Seating, just to mention a few.

S80 Executive Buyers
Corporate executives who are occasionally driven to meetings or airports. Affluent families who have children or grand children that can be entertained for hours on end. Also chauffeured transportation services that want to provide a unique business or entertainment environment for rear seat customers.

Competitive Group
Mercedes Benz E-class, BMW 5 and 7 series, Audi A-6/ A-8, Lincoln Town Car, Cadillac Seville.

Volvo S40 and V40: More refinement, more safety, more value

Just a year after they arrived here, the compact Volvo S40 sedan and V40 wagon get more of what made them an instant hit in America: refinement, safety and value. From subtle changes in appearance (new front fenders, bumpers, tailights and wheels) to enhancements to ride and handling (slightly wider track and longer wheelbase with re-calibrated front suspension) and a satisfying quality feel to the interior, the stylish sedan and versatile wagon build on their first year reputation for offering Volvo virtues at an affordable price.

A marriage of practical and emotional, the S40 and V40 make it clear that versatility and fun-to-drive can happily co-exist in the same car. A new 5-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission showcases the refinements to the standard 1.9-liter engine with low pressure turbo to keep the fun levels high. Standard 4-channel anti-lock brakes, 15-inch alloy wheels and truly impressive available audio systems are just part of a long list of high-value standard features that are remarkable in a model line that starts at $23,500.

The S40 and V40 debuted with a best-in-class list of standard safety features, including SIPS side impact protection air bags and WHIPS whiplash protection seats. The addition of the Volvo-pioneered Inflatable Curtain side impact protection, ISO-FIX child safety seat attachments and ‘smart’ dual-stage front airbags as standard equipment promote S40 and V40 to class of their own.

“With the S40 and V40, we’ve filled a gap in our product line-up. Both vehicles give us new buyers how have a Volvo desire but were too young to afford one. We now can capture buyers much earlier in their vehicle purchasing cycle, with a less expensive offering, and one that embraces traditional Volvo values of safety engineering, quality, and concern for our environment, and, of course is fun-to-drive," comments Volvo Cars of North America CEO and President, Mark LaNeve.

S40 and V40 Buyers
Entry level buyers who are young (30-38), single and with income around $60,000. Predominantly not married, or married without children as well as retired empty nesters. There is not much difference between S40 and V40 buyers. Both are well educated with an orientation towards friends and are family-centric. They perceive the V40 as a sedan with a long roof and not as a traditional wagon vehicle.

,b> Competitive Group
S40: Acura Integra, Audi A4 sedan, Infinity G20, Subaru Legacy, and VW Passat. V40: Honda CRV, Toyota RAV4, Audi A4 Avant, Subaru Legacy, and VW Passat.

Volvo V70: New wagon is equal parts fun and functionality

Safety engineering, versatile practicality and built without compromise as a premium wagon, the new Volvo V70 is designed for families who want a little fun with their functionality. With three models and an array of family-friendly features, the new V70 expands Volvo’s world-wide leadership in the market for premium wagons.

Innovative design and clever engineering permits owners to optimize the interior of the new V70 with features like a two-position rear seat backrest (to accommodate larger cargo without folding seats forward), a folding grocery bag holder hidden under the cargo area floor, fold-up table for the rear seat, and a myriad of little touches like strategically placed hooks for purses and coats. But family transportation doesn’t have to be dreary: the new V70 offers a choice of performance packages with three engines (two with turbo power) and two available transmissions. Poised handling with available stability and traction control systems contribute to a dynamic driving character.

The 2001 V70 wagon interprets the new Volvo family design language with smooth, arresting lines reflective of the S80 luxury sedan, yet maintains the functional rear cargo area necessary in a versatile wagon. Based on the same platform architecture as the S80, and sharing its structural integrity, the V70 is certainly the safest Volvo wagon ever built. Dual-stage front airbags, three-point seat belts at all seating positions, SIPS side impact protection with side airbags and Inflatable Curtain, WHIPS whiplash protection seating and the first standard ISO-FIX attachment for rearward-facing child safety seats help safeguard modern families.

“Volvo wagons have been one of our strongest year-to-year best-sellers that continue to account for about 32% of our total sales. They have come to symbolize Volvo’s brand identity and are a strong link to our past. Today, the new V70 showcases true Scandinavian design where form and function are combined to not only delight the eye, but please our buyers’ concerns for utility," comments Volvo Cars of North America CEO and President, Mark LaNeve. “V70 stands for ‘V’ersatility. Our versatile offerings have been a home run with us. In the past, Volvo wagons were like medicine; customers knew they needed it, but it wasn’t very pleasant. Today, we’ve updated our wagon line by adding truly wonderful styling. Now it’s a wagon that people desire…as well as need."

V70 Buyers
Quintessential Volvo owners. Primarily married, with two young children and maybe with a Fido or two. They are well educated and value family and friends. Household income is around $110,000. Principal driver is split evenly between men and woman.

Competitive Group
Audi A6 Avant, BMW Wagon, MB E-Class and Saab 9-5 wagon.

Volvo Cross Country: The best of both worlds

It has the comfort, safety engineering, handling and fuel economy of a sophisticated European wagon – but it’s not a wagon. It has the ground clearance, all-wheel-drive and rugged appeal of an SUV – but it’s not an SUV. Meet the 2001 Volvo Cross Country, a versatile, stylish vehicle that combines the best of both worlds.

The 2001 model has more of everything that made the first generation Cross Country so successful: improved performance (197 hp and 5-speed automatic), greater all-road capability (with amazing 8.2-inch ground clearance), and ready-for-adventure good looks (taller tires, flared fenders and attractive body cladding). With real-world traction and control to match its good looks, an imaginative interior with optimum flexibility from 40/20/40 split rear seat, and a host of useful options and accessories, the new Cross Country is sure to appeal to consumers looking at SUVs for the first time as well as existing SUV owners who want to get back to civilization.

Occupant safety doesn’t take a back seat to fun in Cross Country. Based on the acclaimed Volvo large car platform (which helped the Volvo S80 earn the first 5-star/5-star side impact crash test rating), the Cross Country incorporates the company’s latest safety innovations, including dual-stage front airbags, side airbags (part of the SIPS Side Impact Protection System) and Inflatable Curtain, as well as WHIPS whiplash protection seats and other features. PremAir"! catalytic radiator technology helps reduce ground level ozone and convert it to oxygen, Öko-Tex certified materials inside the car are free from harmful substances to improve air quality, and a clever interior air management and filtration system all contribute to improving the environment.

 Without question, our Cross Country has been a total success. When we brought out this vehicle, we were not quite certain it would sell. We were thankfully wrong. We see even strong sales this year with our completely redesigned Cross Country, one that takes rugged outdoor styling to a higher level. It takes the best of a wagon and adds rugged outdoor appeal to an already outstanding new wagon series," comments Volvo Cars of North America CEO and President Mark LaNeve. “Almost since the beginning, this one vehicle continues to account for roughly 50% of all our wagon sales. We don’t see this trend stopping. In fact, we intend to expand this line with additional products."

Cross Country Buyers
They tend to be between 35 and 45 years old. Likely married, but without children. Almost identical to S60 buyers. However, where the S60 buyer tends to have an urban orientation, Cross Country buyers are suburban in nature. They have strong family orientation with lots of self-expression in their lives. Household income is around $155,000. Approximately 45% have cross-shopped an SUV and about 11% have traded in one for a Cross Country.

Competitive Group
BMW X5, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Audi All Road, Lexus RX 300, and MB M-Class.