pg. 176 RDS, Automatic tuning

Radio Data System - RDS also referred to as RDS)
The SC-900 radio is equipped with an advanced system allowing information from broadcasters to be transmitted inaudibly together with the audio signal. This information is then decoded by the SC-900 and made available for several new and unique features. The RDS and Radio Data System operates in the FM band only, and the information transmitted is supplied by participating broadcasters. Volvo has no control over the accuracy of the data or information. Please refer to pages 176-181 regarding specific descriptions and operation of these functions. Volvo was among the first to pioneer this technology throughout Europe and it is slowly making its way to North America. Coverage by local broadcasters may be limited at this time, but as the technology and benefits grow, you will find the SC-900 radio ready to advantage of this system.

Automatic tuning

This feature may not apply in your area. If you tune into a station using RDS, the frequency is displayed followed by the name of the station in letters. The AF function ensures that the radio automatically tunes into the most powerful transmitter for the selected program. Keep the FM button pressed down for at least two seconds. 'AF Switch OFF' appears in the display for two seconds. If you want to switch on the AF function, press the FM button for less than one second. 'AF Switch ON' then appears in the display.

'AF Switch ON' - Automatic station tracking is activated

'AF Switch OFF' - Automatic station tracking is deactivated

A - Station seek up/down

Press the left side of the station seek button to seek for lower frequencies and the right side for higher frequencies. The radio seeks the next audible station and stops there. Press the button again to continue searching.
If the TP button is depressed, the station seek function will only seek stations which broadcast this particular type of program. Press the button to switch off this function.

B- Scanning

Press this button to listen to each station for five seconds. If the unit is in tape or CD mode, each track will play for ten seconds.

pg. 177 Traffic Program

Traffic Program (TP)

This feature may not apply in your area and only functions with FM broadcasts. Please refer to the RDS information on page 176. By pressing the TP button (for less than 1 second), RDS stations broadcasting traffic information can be heard. 'TP' is displayed when this function is switched on. If the unit is in tape or CD mode when the radio receives traffic information, the respective function will be interrupted and the announcement is over, the previous volume will be restored and the tape or CD will start to play again.

  • Traffic information can only be received when TP is displayed.
  • If TP is flashing, it means that either no traffic information is being broadcast by the current transmitter or the signal is too weak.
    After approximately 70 seconds, an audible signal will be heard, indicating that you should change to a stronger TP transmitter. To turn off this signal:
    - Turn the radio off
    - Press and hold down the TP button and turn the radio on. By pressing the TP button again, you can turn the TP alarm on or off.
    The radio will function normally again after 5 seconds.
  • Press the TP button for less than 1 second if you want to stop listening to a traffic announcement.

    pg. 178 News


    This feature may not apply in your area and only functions with FM broadcasts. Please refer to the RDS information on page 176. Press the NEWS button to seek a station broadcasting news programs.
    If you press the NEWS button for less than 1 second while tuned to a news station, the radio will switch back to the previously selected station.

    pg. 179 Program type - PTY

    Program type

    The 'PTY' function enables you to select different types of program. If you want to search for a specific program type:
    1. Press the PTY button for less than 1 second. The program type of the currently selected radio station will be displayed.
    2. By turning the manual tuning knob, it is possible to scroll through the different program types.
    3. When you have found a program type you want to select, press the manual tuning knob to begin the search. During the search, the chosen program type will flash in the display.
    4. If the radio finds a station of the selected program type, it will tune in the is station and the station's name will appear in the display. If no station with the selected program type is found, 'No PTY' will appear in the display for five seconds and the radio will revert to the previous station.

    For general information on RDS functions, please refer to page 176.

    pg. 180 PTY preset buttons

    PTY preset buttons

    Program types are factory-preset as follows:
    Button 1 - Top 40
    Button 2 - Classical
    Button 3 - News
    Button 4 - Rock
    Button 5 - R&B
    Button 6- Country

    These settings can be reprogrammed according to your preferences. To change the default settings:
    1. Press the PTY button for less than 1 second to enter the PTY preset programming mode.
    2. Turn the manual tuning knob to display different program types.
    3. Press one of the preset buttons for at least 2 seconds to store your choice of program type of that button.

    Using the PTY preset buttons

    Press one of the preset buttons to select a program type. The program type stored on that button will be displayed and a station broadcasting that type of program will be selected. Press the same button again to select a new station broadcasting the same type of program.

    For general information on RDS functions, please refer to page 176.

    pg. 181 Volume setting, Radio text

    A- Volume for traffic information

    If you change the volume during a traffic announcement, this volume setting will be stored automatically and used for future traffic information.

    B- Automatic volume control

    The Auto Volume function adjusts both the volume and frequency response according to vehicle speed.
    To enable.disable (switch on or off) this function:

  • Hold down preset button 1 while switching on the radio. The current setting (ON or OFF) will be displayed.
  • Press preset button 1 to toggle between ON and OFF. After five seconds, the display will return to normal and your selection (ON or OFF) will be stored.

    C- Radio Text (RT)

    Certain RDS stations broadcast general information on programs, music, weather, etc. in text form.
    This information can be displayed by pressing the NEWS button for approximately 2 seconds. If no text information is available, "No radio text" will be displayed.

    WARNING! The Radio Text function should not be used by the driver while the car is in motion as this could create a traffic hazard.

    For general information on RDS functions, please refer to page 176.

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