pg. 167 CD - Changer (option)

A - CD changer mode selector

Press "CHGR" to actuate the CD changer mode. The disc/track last listened to will continue to play. If the CD-changer cartridge* is empty, "0-00" will be displayed. If there is no cartridge in the changer "- - - -" will be displayed. If a selected disc does not exist, the disc number and "-00" will be displayed and the next disc will be automatically selected.

* The functions pertaining to the CD-changer are only applicable if the unit has been connected to the Volvo CD-changer, which is sold separately as an accessory, or on certain models, standard on the car.
If no CD-changer is connected to the unit "EEEE" will be displayed if you happen to choose CHGR mode.

B - Disc number selector

Depress one of the preset buttons (1-6) to select the disc number desired. The selected disc number and track number will be displayed.

C - Music search

Press the " " or " " button to search within a track. While the button is depressed the playing time for this track will be displayed.

pg. 168 CD - Changer (option) (cont.)

A - Changing the selected track number

Press " " for forward selection or " " for backward selection. The chosen disc number and track number will be displayed.

B - Playing-time display

When the "CHGR" button is pressed the playing time for current track is displayed for 5 seconds.

C - Scan

Press this button to listen to the first ten seconds of each track. Press it again to stop scanning.

pg. 169 CD - Changer (option) (cont.)

A - Random choice

Press "RND" to actuate the random mode. From a disc chosen at random, 4 tracks will be played (also chosen at random). A new disc will then be played in the same way. "RND" will be displayed when this function is engaged.

B - Pause

If you press the "volume" knob the disc is stopped, the unit is silent and "PAUSE" is displayed. To restart the disc press the knob again.

C - To re-enter Radio mode

Push one of the waveband selector buttons

D - To re-enter Tape mode

If a cassette is already inserted, the tape deck will re-engage if the "TAPE" button is pressed.

E - To re-enter CD mode

If the CD function has been disconnected and the CD has not been ejected, the CD mode can be re-entered by pressing the "CD" button.

F - To re-enter CD changer mode

If the CD changer function has been disconnected, the CD changer mode can be reentered by pressing the "CHGR" button.

pg. 170 Technical specifications


Power output: 4 x 25 W (10% dist.)
Output impedance: 4Ohms
System voltage: 12 Volts, negative ground


System: PLL (Phase Lock Loop) system with tuned RF (Radio Frequency) front and end automatic wide band gain control.
Electronic suppression circuitry (noise killer).
The Radio is equipped with FM diversity.

Frequency range: FM 87.9-107.9 MHz
AM 530-1710 kHz

AM 1.1 ÁV
FM 20 ÁV

Stereo separation 35dB

Cassette deck

4-track, 2-channel stereo
Full logic electronic tape transport

Tape speed: 4.76 cm/sec.
Channel separation 53dB
Frequency range 30-15000 hz
S/N (120 ÁV) 56 dB without Dolby B NR
S/N (120 ÁV) 66dB with Dolby B NR
Wow and Flutter less than 0.06%

"Dolby" and the double D symbol are the trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Dolby noise reduction manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

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