Chapter 10 - Audio systems

pg. 141 Audio systems

Audio systems

This chapter describes the audio system in your car.

pg. 142 SC-813
pg. 155 SC-816
pg. 171 SC-900
pg. 194 General information

pg. 142 Audio system SC-813 (certain models)

The following pages describe the use of your SC-813 Cassette radio and CD remote control

1. On/off (push)

  • Volume (turn)
  • Pause/Mute (push)
  • Balance (pull)
    3. Active Sound Control
    4. CD changer selector
  • Tape mode selector
  • Tape direction selector PROG
    6. Bass control
    7. Treble control
    8. Fader control
  • Preset buttons
  • CD-Disc No. selector
    10. PROG - Reversing the tape
    11. Dolby B NR button
    12. Cassette eject
    13. Not in use
    14. Scan
    15. Auto seek memory
  • Seek tuning up/down
  • TP -Next/Previous song
  • CD -Next UP/Previous DOWN track
  • Manual tuning
  • TP -fast forward/Rewind
  • CD -Music search UP/DOWN
    18. RND button
    19. Cassette slot
    20. Display
    21. Waveband selector (AM)
    22. Waveband selectors (FM)
    23. Anti-theft LED

    TP = Applicable only in Tape Mode

    CD = Applicable only when in CD mode and connected to a CD changer.

    pg. 143 Anti-theft code

    Anti-theft code

    The radio features anti-theft circuitry. If the set is removed from the vehicle or if the battery power is disconnected, a special code must be entered to enable operation of the set.
    Refer to the radio code card supplied with your vehicle or ask your retailer for the correct code .
    When the car is parked with the ignition key removed, the anti-theft LED will flash

    To enter the code

    After installation or when the set has been disconnected from power, the set displays "COdE" when it is switched on.
    Enter the 4-digit code using the preset buttons. If the correct code is entered, "on" is displayed and the set is ready to use.
    If you enter an incorrect code you must enter the correct code again from the beginning.

    Incorrect code

    If an incorrect code has been entered "rPt" is displayed. Enter the correct code.
    After three unsuccessful coding attempts the set will lock and remain locked for two hours.
    "OFF" is displayed.

    During this waiting period:

  • the battery must be connected
  • the ignition key must be turned to position I
  • the unit must be turned on
    Make sure the headlights are turned off to help prevent battery drain (please refer to page 20 for information on turning the headlights off). Enter the code again once this time has elapsed.

    pg. 144 Radio SC-813

    A - On/off switch

    Push the button to switch on the radio. Press the button slightly longer to turn the radio off.

    B - Volume control

    Turn the button clockwise to increase the volume. The volume control is electronic and has no end stop.

    C - Waveband selector

    The desired waveband is set by pressing one of the waveband selector buttons. The frequency and waveband is shown on the display.

    NOTE: There are two FM wavebands and one AM waveband. This makes it possible to store 2 x 6 FM stations and 6 AM stations in memory.

    D - Setting frequency selection

    The radio can be used in most parts of the world by changing the frequency selection intervals as follows:
    Depress and hold preset button 5 and turn the radio ON. "USA" will flash on the display. Each time button 5 is pressed, the frequency selection will change from "USA" to "AUS", etc. When the correct country name is displayed, wait 5 seconds andthe radio will be ready for use.

    E - Manual tuning

    Press the left side button to tune to lower frequencies and the right side to tune to higher frequencies. The tuned frequency is displayed.

    ST will be displayed to indicate stereo FM reception.

    pg. 145 Radio SC-813 (cont.)

    A - Seek tuning up/down

    Press the left side tune button to tune to lower frequencies and the right side to tune to higher frequencies. The radio seeks the next audible station and stops there. If you wish to continue the seek tuning, press the tuning button again.

    B - Preset programming

    1. Tune to the desired frequency.
    2. Depress and hold a preset button. The audio will cut out. Keep the button depressed until the audio comes on again (approx. 2 seconds).
    3. The frequency is now stored on this preset button.

    C - Preset buttons

    To select a pre-programmed radio frequency, depress the preset button. The set frequency will be displayed.

    pg. 146 Radio SC-813 (cont.)

    A - Automatic programming (Auto)

    Please note that this function will not interfere with pre-stored stations on buttons 1-6.
    This function automatically seeks and stores up to 8 strong AM or FM stations. This is especially useful when travelling in areas where radio stations are unfamiliar.
    1. Depress and hold the "AUTO" button for at least 1 second. A number of strong stations (max. 8) on the chosen waveband are now automatically stored in the memory. If there are no audible stations, "- - - -" is displayed.
    2. Press the "AUTO" button (for less than 1 second) to obtain another autostored station.
    A new station will be selected each time the button is pressed momentarily.

    B - Bass control

    Adjust the bass by sliding the control up or down (up to increase, down to decrease). A "detent" indicates "equalized" bass.

    C - Treble control

    Adjust the treble by sliding the control up or down (up to increase, down to decrease). A "detent" indicates "equalized" treble.

    pg. 147 Radio SC-813 (cont.)

    A - Fader control

    Adjust front/rear speaker balance by sliding the control up or down.
    (Up to direct more sound to the front speakers, down to direct more sound to the rear speakers.
    The "detent" indicates "equalized" front/rear balance position.

    B - Pause function

    Press the "volume" knob to temporarily mute the sound. "PAUSE" is displayed.

    C - Balance control

    Pull out the "volume" knob and adjust the left/right balance by turning the knob counter-clockwise or clockwise.

    D - Scan

    Press this button to listen to each station for five seconds. Press it again to stop scanning. "Scan" will be displayed during scanning.

    E - Active sound control (ASC)

    The ASC function automatically adjusts the volume level of the audio system according to driving speed.
    To deactivate ASC depress the "ASC" button.
    To activate ASC, depress the "ASC" button until "ASC" is displayed.

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