pg. 102 Replacing fuses

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Replacing fuses

If an electrical component fails to function, it is likely that a fuse has blown due to a temporary circuit overload.
The fuse box is located in the engine compartment (see illustration) and can be opened by lifting the cover (Relay/Main fuse box) or by lifting the cover (supplementary fuse box). A label on the inside of the cover indicates the amperage and theelectrical components that are connected to each fuse. The easiest way to see if a fuse is blown is to remove it. Pull the fuse straight out. From the side, examine the curved metal wire to see if it is broken. If so, put in a new fuse of the same color and amperage (written on the fuse). Spare fuses are stored in a compartment in the fuse box. If fuses burn out repeatedly, have the electrical system tested at a Volvo retailer. If you find it difficult to remove a fuse, you will find a special fuse tool clipped in the fuse box.

pg. 103 Fuses

Relay/Main fuse box

Fuses in the main fuse box protect the entire electrical system. If one the fuses blows, there is a serious electrical fault. Do not change any of these fuses. Contact your nearest Volvo workshop for a closer analysis.


15 System relay
16 Air pump relay
17 Starter motor
18 Air conditioning

Fuses in Relay/Main fuse box (main system fuses)

Location * Amperage
1 Electric cooling fan 60 A
2 Fuses in Supplementary fuse box 50 A
3 Starter motor, air pump 50 A
4 ABS 50 A
5 Headlights 50 A
6 Fuses in Supplementary fuse box 60 A
7 Fuses in Supplementary fuse box 60 A
8 Control modules - engine/automatic transmission 60 A
9 -
10 Ignition switch, Control modules - engine/automatic
transmission 10 A
11 Fuel injectors 10 A
12 Fuel pump 20 A
13 Control module - automatic transmission 10 A
14 A/C relay 10 A

* Some of the equipment/systems listed may be available on certain models only.

pg. 104 Fuses

Location * Amperage

1 -
2 Central locking, driving mode selectors (aut. trans.) 10 A
3 ABS 10 A
4 Immobilizer (Canada only) 10 A
5 Climate systems, Onboard diagnostics OBDII 15 A
6 -
7 Audio system 15 A
8 Immobilizer (Canada only), trip computer, headlight switch 15 A
9 Electrically heated rear seat (certain models) 20 A
10 Ignition switch 15 A
11 Brake lights 10 A
12 -
13 Hazard warning flashers, headlight flashers,
remote operated central locking system 15 A
14 Heated rear window and door mirrors 30 A
15 Courtesy lights, door open warning lights, trunk/cargo
space light, seat belt reminder, glove compartment light 10 A
16 Power antenna, electrical connector for trailer, accessories 30 A
17 Front fog lights 20 A
18 Key reminder 10 A
19 Left high beam 15 A
20 Right high beam, high beam indicator light 15 A
21 Left low beam 15 A
22 Right low beam 15 A
23 Left front/rear parking lights, left tail light, license plate lights 10 A
24 Right front/rear parking lights, right tail light 10 A
25 Rear fog light, rear fog light indicator lamp 10 A
26 Headlight switch 15 A
27 Backup lights, turn signals 15 A
28 Heated seats - front/rear (certain models) 25 A
29 Heated rear window, shiftlock, seat belt reminder, cruise
control, heated door mirrors, bulb failure warning sensor 10 A
30 -
31 Passenger compartment blower-climate systems 25 A
32 Audio system 10 A
33 Tailgate wiper/washer 15 A
34 Windshield wipers/washers, horn 25 A
35 Instrument lighting, accessories, power sun roof 10 A
36 Rear auxiliary socket, power sun roof 15 A
37 Power windows, power sun roof AUT/CB **
38 -
39 Power seat (driver's side) AUT/CB **
40 Power seat (passenger's side) AUT/CB **

* Some of the equipment/systems listed may be available on certain models only.

** This is an automatic circuit breaker located in the fuse box and does not normally need to be replaced.

For more detailed information concerning function and location of relays, fuses, etc., refer to the Volvo Service Manuals. These can be purchased directly through your Volvo retailer.

pg. 105 Installation of accessories

Installation of accessories

In order to help avoid interference and damage to your car's electrical system, your car is equipped with an accessory connector located under the instrument panel on the driver's side.

Please consult your Volvo retailer if you have any questions before connecting accessory or optional equipment to the vehicle's electrical system.

Connector (for accessories)

Position Connection Max. load
1 Battery + (30) 20 A
2 X Supply 0,5 A
3 High beam 1 A
4 1 A
5 1 A
6 Rheostat 0,5 A
7 2 A
8 Earth (31)

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