pg. 53 Hood

To open the hood

  • Pull the lever located under the left side of the dash to release both hood catches.
  • Lift the hood slightly.
  • Pull the release control on the inside of the lower edge of the grille toward you and lift the hood.

    WARNING! Check that the hood locks properly when closed.

    The hood normally opens to an angle of 57°. The hood can be opened to the vertical position by rotating the hinge catches (see illustrations). The catches will return to their normal positions when the hood is closed. Ensure adequate clearance in low-roof garages to avoid damaging the hood.

    pg. 54 Storage compartments

    WARNING! Packages on the rear window shelf can obscure vision and may become dangerous projectiles in the event of a sudden stop or an accident.

    1 Glove compartment
    2 Compartment in center console (certain models)
    3 Pocket in seat front (certain models)
    4 Clip for parking receipts
    5 Compartment in door (certain models)
    6 Compartment between front seats/Cup holder (certain models)
    7 Pocket on rear of front seat
    8 Compartment in hat shelf (sedan)

    pg. 55 Trunk light, Spare tire, Jack (sedan)

    Trunk light

    A Light always off.
    B Light is on when trunk lid is opened.

    Spare tire

    The spare tire is located under the carpet in a special well under the floor of the trunk. The jack is placed inside the wheel rim. Make sure that the jack is properly secured in this position after use (see illustration).

    NOTE: See pages 92-93 for information on how the jack should be used.

    pg. 56 Cargo space lighting, Spare tire, Jack (wagon)

    Cargo space lighting

    There is an extra courtesy light at the rear of the cargo space.

    1 The light is always OFF
    2 Light comes on when the tailgate is opened

    Spare tire and jack

    The spare tire and the jack are located beneath the floor mat in the large storage bin. Always secure the spare tire and the jack to prevent them from rattling (see illustration).

    NOTE: See pages 92-93 for information on how the jack should be used.

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