Chapter 3 - Body and interior

pg. 41 Body and interior

Body and interior

The seats, sun roof, mirrors, etc. are described on the following pages.

Page No. Subject
pg. 42 Keys
pg. 43 Doors and locks
pg. 44 Remote keyless entry system
pg. 45 Alarm
pg. 47 Trunk/tailgate
pg. 48 Child safety locks
pg. 49-50 Front seats
pg. 50 Rear/side view mirrors
pg. 51 Interior lights, Vanity mirror
pg. 52 Sun roof
pg. 53 Hood
pg. 54 Storage compartments
pg. 55 Trunk light, Spare tire, Jack
pg. 56 Cargo space lighting, Spare tire, Jack (wagon)
pg. 57 Folding rear seat (sedan)
pg. 58-59 Folding rear seat (wagon)
pg. 59 Removing seat cushions
pg. 60 Concealed storage bin/Bumper cover (wagon), Avoiding battery drain
pg. 61 Luggage net/Side cargo net (wagon)
pg. 62 Securing cargo
pg. 63 Folding front seat, Long load storage

pg. 42 Keys

Master key
This key operates all locks (ignition switch/steering wheel lock, driver's door, trunk/tailgate and glove compartment).

Service key
This key operates the driver's door and the ignition switch/steering wheel lock.


  • An an added anti-theft measure, new keys have been developed which may take slightly longer to copy or replace if the original keys are misplaced. Duplicate keys may be ordered from your Volvo retailer.
  • The key number codes are stamped on a separate tag supplied with the keys. This tag should be separated from the key ring and kept in a safe place.

    pg. 43 Doors and Locks

    Doors and locks

    Your car is equipped with a two door operated central locking system.
    The key, used on the driver's doors, the remote control, or central locking button, will lock/unlock all doors, trunk/tailgate.

    Turn the key once to unlock the driver's door only.
    Turn the key again (within 10 seconds) to unlock all doors, trunk/tailgate.

    One turn with the key towards lock in the drivers door locks all doors, trunk/tailgate.
    Use the switch on the front door armrests to lock/unlock the car from the inside.

    Check the action of the buttons on the other doors to verify their correct function (lock/unlock).

    WARNING! The doors should not be locked while driving. In case of an accident, this may hinder rapid access to the occupants of the vehicle. (Also see information on "Child safety locks".)

    Central locking button (on both front doors)

    Central locking button

    The central locking buttons on both front door armrests can be used to lock or unlock all doors and trunk/tailgate and set the alram if your car is so equipped. This switch functions even if a door/trunk/tailgate is open.

    Lock: Press the left side of the button
    Unlock: Press the right side of the button

    NOTE: To help prevent accidentally locking the keys in the car, the central locking system is designed to unlock the doors immediately if the key is left in the ignition switch and the car is locked using the lock button on the door. A sound from the lock will be audible at this time.
    Please note that this function will not unlock the doors if the engine is running.

    pg. 44 Remote keyless entry system

    Remote keyless entry system

    Your car is equipped with a remote control transmitter. This transmitter uses a readio frequency which will allow “keyless” entry into the passenger compartment or the trunk. You will be supplied with two coded key ring transmitters, which willenable you to lock/unlock all doors and the trunk/tailgate from a distance of 10-15 feet (3-5 meters).

    The car can also be locked/unlocked with the key.

    As an extra security precaution in certain situations (valet parking,etc.), Volvo recommends that the transmitter not be included when the keys are given to anyone. The service key can be used instead. If one of transmitters is misplaced , contact the nearest authorized Volvo retailer for assistance.

    Using the remote control

    · Press the LOCK button once to lock all doors and trunk/tailgate.
    · Press the UNLOCK button once to unlock the driver’s door only. Press this button again (within 10 seconds) to unlock all doors, trunk/tailgate.
    · Press the OPEN TRUNK/TAILGATE button twice to pop open the trunk or unlock the tailgate

    This device complies with FCC rules Part 15. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference and (2) this device must accept any interference that may be received, including interferencethat may cause undesired operation.

    NOTE: If only the driver’s door is unlocked, the lock will automatically reengage (re-lock) and the alarm will reset after 2 minutes unless the door has been opened.
    The lock/unlock and alarm features can also be utilized by using the keys. See section: Doors and Locks on page 43.
    If the alarm LED glows coninuously for 5 seconds, this indicates a fault in the system or that a door is not properly closed.

    WARNING! Volvo does not recommend using the transmitter to lock the doors from inside the car. On cars equipped with an alarm, the alarm would be activated and would sound when one of the doors is opened. The doors must not be locked using the remote transmitter while the vehicle is occupied. In case of an accident, this may hinder rapid access to the occupants of the vehicle. The alarm will also sound on models equipped with this feature.

    NOTE : To avoid leaving your keys in the car, make a habit of always locking the car with the remote control.

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