pg. 22 Headlights, Parking lights, Turn signals

Headlights and parking lights

O All lights off *
Parking lights on **
Headlights and parking lights are on if starting (ignition) switch is in positions I or II.

If the headlight switch is in position all lights will go out when starting switch is switched off.
With the headlight switch in position the parking lights will stay on (headlights off) with the daytime running light screw (A) in position .
The high beams can only be switched on if the headlight switch is in position .
Switch from high to low beams and vice versa by moving the turn signal switch lever on the left side of the steering column towards the steering wheel.

* Models equipped with daytime running lights: The low beams, tail lights, parking lights and license plate lights will come on automatically when the ignition is switched on.

** The daytime running lights will also function when the headlight switch is in position and the daytime running light screw (A) is in position .

For additional information on the daytime running lights, see page 26.

Turn signals

1 Lane change position : In maneuvers such as lane changing, the driver can flash the turn signals by moving the turn signal lever to the first stop and holding it there. The lever will return to the neutral position when released.
2 Signal lever engaged for normal turns
3 High beam/low beam switch (headlights on)
Move the lever towards the steering wheel and release it.
Headlight flasher (headlights off)
Move the lever towards the steering wheel. The headlight high beam will be on until the lever is released.

NOTE: A defective turn signal bulb will cause the turn signal indicator and remaining signal lights to flash more rapidly than normal.

pg. 23 Windshield wipers/washers, Ignition switch

Windshield wipers/washers

1 Intermittent wiper
With switch in this position, the wipers will sweep approximately every seventh second.
2 "Single sweep" position.
The switch returns automatically when released
3 Wipers, normal speed.
4 Wipers, high speed
5 Windshield wiper/washer, headlight wiper/washer (certain models)
The wiper will make 2-3 complete sweeps across the windshield and headlights after the lever is released.

O Locked position:
Remove the key to lock the steering wheel*

WARNING: Never turn the key to position O while driving or when the car is being towed.

I Intermediate position:
Certain accessories, radio, etc. on, daytime running lights off.
II Drive position:
Key position when engine is running.
III Starting position:
Release the key when the engine starts. The key returns automatically to the Drive position.

* On cars equipped with an automatic transmission the gear selector must also be in the (P)ark position.

Starting (ignition) switch/steering wheel lock

The steering wheel lock might be under tension when the car is parked. Turn the steering wheel slightly to free the ignition key.
In order to reduce car theft, make sure the steering wheel lock is engaged before leaving the car.
A chime will sound if the starting key is left in the ignition lock and the front door on the driver's side is opened.

pg. 24 Instrument illumination, Fog lights

1 - Instrument illumination

To increase the brightness: move the thumbwheel up.
To decrease the brightness: move the thumbwheel down.

2 - Rear foglight *

The rear fog light (located in the driver's side tail light cluster) is considerably brighter than the normal tail lights and should be used only when the atmospheric conditions, such as fog, rain, snow, smoke or dust reduce the daytime or nighttime visibility of other vehicles to less than 500 ft (150 meters).
For the rear fog light to function, the low beam headlights must be switched on.
* By design, there is one rear foglight only, located in the driver's side tail light cluster.

3 - Front fog lights (option)

The front fog lights, located in the front spoiler, will only function in combination with the low beam headlights.

4 - Space for optional equipment

5 - Space for optional equipment

pg. 25 TRACS, Sun roof, Trip computer, Hazard warning flashers, Demister

6 - TRAction Control System (TRACS) - option

TRACS is a system designed as an aid when starting/driving off if one of the drive wheels has poor traction due to weather conditions or the road surface and is connected to the ABS control module.
TRACS engages automatically at speeds below 25 mph (40 km/h) when one of the drive wheels loses traction. It disengages automatically when speed exceeds 25 mph (40 km/h). The sound which can be heard when the system is operating comes from the ABS system.
TRACS can be disengaged manually using the switch on the dashboard. The indicator light will come on.

7 - Trip computer - option

Turn the dial to the desired function. For more information, see pages 28-30.

8 - Electrically operated sun roof - option

The sun roof can be operated in two ways; as a conventional sliding roof or the rear edge can be raised to provide increased ventilation. See page 52 for operating instructions.

NOTE: In case of a sun roof malfunction, see page 52.

9 - Rear window demister, heated side-view mirrors

Press the switch to start heating the rear window and side-view mirrors. The control light in the switch will illuminate.
A timer switches off the system after approximately 12 minutes. The control light will go out correspondingly.

Hazard warning flashers

The four-way flasher (located above the ashtray) should be used to indicate that the vehicle has become a traffic hazard.

NOTE: Regulations regarding the use of the hazard warning flasher may vary from state to state.

pg. 26 Daytime running lights, Tailgate wiper/washer (wagons)

Automatic daytime running lights

Screw A in the illustration (available on U.S. models only) is used to control the automatic daytime running lights when the headlight switch is in position 0.
To adjust, press in the screw with a small screwdriver and turn to one of the following positions:

Automatic daytime running lights
Automatic daytime running lights
The daytime running lights will also function when the headlight switch is in position and switch A is in this position.
All lights off (daytime running light function disabled)

NOTE: The daytime running light function may only be disabled (turned off) in the U.S. - Canadian law mandates the use of daytime running lights.

Tailgate wiper/washer (wagons)

Tailgate window wiper/washer The tailgate window wiper/washer is operated by a switch at the end of the wiper level.
1. The wiper operates continuously.
2. Intermittent position: the wiper strokes approximately every 10 seconds.
3. Tailgate washer (note that the wiper also operates when this button is depressed): after the button is released the wiper strokes 2-3 additional times before stopping.

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