pg. 9:1 Specifications


This chapter contains facts and figures pertaining to the technical specifications of your car.

9:2 Oil/Fluids specifications
9:3 Engine specifications
9:4 Cooling system
9:4 Fuel system
9:4 Distributor ignition system
9:5 Transmission
9:5 Suspension
9:6 Electrical system/bulbs
9:7 Capacities
9:8 Service manuals, Road assistance
9:9 Dimensions and weights

pg. 9:2 Oil/Fluids Specifications

Oil quality

Meeting API specification SG, SG/CD, SH or Energy Conserving (EC) II

For best fuel economy and engine protection, consult with your authorized Volvo retailer for recommended oils. Oil with a different quality rating may not provide adequate engine protection. Synthetic oils complying with oil quality requirements are recommended for : driving in areas of sustained temperature extremes (hot or cold), when towing a trailer over long distances or for prolonged driving in mountainous areas.
Extra oil additives must not be used unless advised by an authorized Volvo retailer.

Capacity (including filter) : 5.9 US qts = 5.75 liters

SAE 15 W/40 oil is recommended for use in severe driving conditions which involve high oil temperatures or excessive oil consumption (e.g. mountain driving with frequent deceleration, or high-speed driving.)

Automatic transmission fluid

Quality : ATF Dexron IIE/III and Mercon

Capacity : 7.9 US qts. (7.5 liters)

Rear axle oil

Quality : API-GL_5 (MIL-L-2105 C or D) SAE 80W-90

Capacity : 1.4 US qts (1.3 liters) sedans/wagons

Power steering fluid

Quality : ATF F,G

Capacity : 1.05 US qts. (1.0 liters)

Brake fluid

Brake fluid type : DOT 4+

Capacity : 1.05 US qts. (1.0 liters)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 9:3 Specifications


Liquid-cooled, gasoline, 6-cylinder, in-line engine. Aluminum alloy cylinder block with cast-iron cylinder liners cast directly into block. Aluminum alloy cylinder head with double overhead camshafts and separate intake and outlet channels.
Engine lubrication is provided by an eccentric pump driven from the crankshaft. Full-flow type oil filter. Exhaust emission control accomplished by fuel injection, heated oxygen sensors and three-way catalytic converter

Type designation Volvo B 6304 S

Output (SAE J 1349) 181 hp at 5200 rpm
(135 kW at 73rps)
Max. torque (SAE J 1349) at rpm 199 ft. lbs. (274 Nm) at 4100 rpm
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 3.27" (83 mm)
Stroke 3.54" (90 mm)
Displacement 2.92 liters
Compression ratio 10.7:1
Valve clearance: Self-adjusting

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 9:4 Specifications

Cooling system

Type: Positive pressure, closed system
Thermostat-begins to open at 186°F (87°C)

Coolant: Volvo Genuine Coolant/Anti-freeze

Capacity: 10.5 qts (10 liters)

Fuel system

The engine is equipped with a sequential fuel injection system

Distributor ignition System

Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Distributor ignition setting Not adjustable
Spark plugs Bosch FR 6 DC (or equivalent)
Spark plug gap 0.024-0.028" (0.6-0.7 mm)
Tightening torque 17.3-20.3 ft. lbs. (23-27 Nm)

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