pg. 9:6 Specifications (cont.)

Electrical system

12 Volt, negative ground.
Voltage-controlled generator. Single-wire system with chassis and engine used as conductors.

Voltage 12 V
Capacity 520 A/100 min
(certain markets) 420 A/75 min

The battery contains corrosive and poisonous acids. It is of the utmost importance that old batteries are disposed of correctly. Your Volvo retailer can assist you in this matter.

Rated output 1400 W
Max. current 100 A


Bulb US No. Power Socket No/bulbs
High beam
Low beam



Front parking lights/turn signals 1157 N.A. 21/5 W/24/2.2 cp BAY 15 d 2
Turn signals, rear 21W BAU 15 s 2
Tail lights (sedan) 67 5 W/4cp BA 15 s 4
Tail lights (wagon) 21/4W BAZ 15 d 4
Brake lights 1156 21W/32cp BA 15 s 2
High-mounted brake lights 1156 21W/32cp BA 15 s 1
Brake lights in spoiler 5W W 2.1x9.5d 6
Bulb US No. Power Socket No/bulbs
Back-up lights 1156 21W/32cp BA 15 s 2
Rear fog light (sedan) 1156 21W/32cp BA 15 s 1
Rear fog light (wagon) 21/4W BAZ 15 d 1
Front fog lights H3 55 W PK 22 s 2
License plate light 5 W W 2.1x9.5d 2
Door open warning light 3 W W 2.1x9.5d 4
Door step courtesy light 5W W 2.1x9.5d 2
Trunk light 10 W SV 8.5 1
Glove compartment light 2 W BA 9s 1
Vanity mirror lights 1.2 W 2
Instrument lighting 3 W W 2.1x9.5d 3
Illumination, control panel
gear selector (automatic trans.)
rear ashtray

1.2 W
1.2 W
1.2 W
W 2x4.6 d
W 2x4.6 d
W 2x4.6 d

Instrument warning/indicator lights 1.2 W W 2x4.6 d
Front courtesy lights 5 W BA 9s 2
Rear reading lights 5 W BA 9s 2

All specifications are subject to change without notice

pg. 9:7 Specifications (cont.)

Dimensions and weights

Length (sedan) 183.5 in. (466 cm)
(wagon) 185.4 in. (471 cm)
Width 69.3 in. (176 cm)
Height (sedan) 55.7 in. (141 cm)
(wagon) 56.9 in. (145 cm)
Wheelbase 104.9 in. (266 cm)
Track, front 59.8 in. (152 cm)
Track, rear 57.9 in. (147 cm)
Turning circle (between
curbs) 33.5 ft. (10.2 m)
Cargo capacity
Sedan (seat up) 14.7 cu. ft. (0.44 m)
Wagon (seat up) 37.1 cu. ft. (1.1 m)
Sedan (seat down) 33.2 cu. ft. (0.99 m)
Wagon (seat down) 67.0 cu. ft. (2.0 m)

WARNING! When adding accessories, equipment, luggage and other cargo to your vehicle, the total loaded weight capacity of the vehicle must not be exceeded.

Gross vehicle weight (GVW) USA Canada
850 (sedan) 4180 lbs (1896 kg) 1900 kg
850 (wagon) 4340 lbs (1969 kg) 1970 kg
850 Turbo (sedan) 4250 lbs (1928 kg) 1930 kg
850 Turbo (wagon) 4340 lbs (1969 kg) 1970 kg

Capacity Weight *
850 (sedan) 920 lbs (417 kg) 415 kg
850 (wagon) 1005 lbs (456 kg) 460 kg
850 Turbo (sedan) 920 lbs (417 kg) 415 kg
850 Turbo (wagon) 950 lbs (431 kg) 430 kg
850 R Turbo (sedan) 880 lbs (399 kg) 400 kg
850 R Turbo (wagon) 880 lbs (399 kg) 400 kg

Curb weight USA Canada
850 sedan 3120-3250 lbs (1415-1519 kg) 1385-1520 kg
850 wagon 3230-3460 lbs (1465-1569 kg) 1465-1570 kg

Permissible axle weight, front
850 (sedan) 2240 lbs (1016 kg) 1020 kg
850 (wagon) 2240 lbs (1016 kg) 1020 kg
850 Turbo (sedan) 2290 lbs (1039 kg) 1040 kg
850 Turbo (wagon) 2290 lbs (1039 kg) 1040 kg

Permissible axle weight, rear
850 (sedan) 1980 lbs (898 kg) 900 kg
850 (wagon) 2220 lbs (1007 kg) 1010 kg
850 Turbo (sedan) 1980 lbs (898 kg) 900 kg
850 Turbo (wagon) 2220 lbs (1007 kg) 1010 kg

Max. roof load ** 220 lbs (100 kg) 100 kg

Max. trailer weight
(w/o brakes) 1100 lbs (500 kg) 500 kg
(with brakes)
2" ball 3300 lbs (1500 kg) 1500 kg
1 7/8" ball 2000 lbs (908 kg) 900 kg

Max. tongue weight *** 165 lbs (75 kg) 75 kg

* The max permissible axle loads or the gross vehicle weight must not be exceeded.
** For permanent roof racks, check the manufacturer's weight specifications.
*** See also section "Trailer towing"

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 9:8 Service manuals, Road assistance

Service Manuals for your Volvo are available for purchase. These are the same manuals used by competent Volvo technicians.

Major sections within the Service Manual System include: 0- General Information; 1- Lubrication and Service; 2- Engine; 3- Electrical System; 4- Power Transmission; 5- Brakes; 6- Suspension and Steering; 7- Springs Shock Absorbers and Wheels; 8- Body and Interior.

A Literature Catalog Request Card was placed in the car prior to delivery from the retailer to you. Complete ordering information is provided.

Volvo supports Voluntary Mechanic Certification by the A.S.E. Certified mechanics have demonstrated a high degree of competence in specific areas. Besides passing exams each mechanic must also have worked in the field for two or more years before a certificate is issued. These professional mechanics are fully able to analyze vehicle problems and perform the necessary service procedures to keep your Volvo at peak operating condition.

NOTE: The above pertains to the USA only.

Your new Volvo comes with a four year road assistance program named ON-CALL. Additional information, features, and benefits are described in a separate information package in your glove compartment.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Inside back cover

Detergents and solvents
Do not use gasoline containing lead or benzene as a detergent or solvent. Both lead and benzene are toxic and may be hazardous to your health.
Installation of optional equipment/use of mobile telephones
Incorrectly installed optional equipment, alarm systems or the use of mobile telephones which are not connected to a suitable antenna can cause faults in the car's electronic control systems. Your car is equipped with an accessory connector located under the dashboard on the driver's side. Please consult your Volvo retailer if you have any questions before connecting accessory or optional equipment to the vehicle's electrical systems.
Carbon monoxide
Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, colorless and odorless gas which is present in all exhaust gases. If you ever smell exhaust fumes from inside the vehicle, make sure the passenger compartment is ventilated and immediately return the vehicle to your retailer for correction.
Never sit in a parked or stopped car for any extended amount of time, nor have it unattended while the engine is running.
Never operate the engine in confined, unventilated areas.

Back Cover

The following should be checked regularly:*

1 Washer fluid reservoir should be filled with water and solvent (wintertime: windshield washer anti-freeze). See page 8:15.

2 Coolant level should be between the expansion tank marks. Mixture 50% anti-freeze and 50% water. See page 8:16.

3 Power steering - When cold, the level must not be above the COLD mark and when hot is must not be above the HOT mark. Top up if the level drops to the ADD mark with ATF fluid. See page 8:12.

4 Engine oil level should be between the dipstick marks. The distance between the marks represents approx. 1 US qt. (1 liter) or on certain models 1.6 US qts (1.5 liters). See page 8:10.

5 Brake fluid - check, without removing the cap, that the level is above the MIN mark. Use brake fluid DOT 4+. See page 8:12.

* Engine oil should be checked each time the car is refuelled.



Octane rating, see p. 4:3.

Tire pressure, see label located on rear edge of right front door.




US Bulb No.


70 W

P 20d



60 W

P 22d



24/5 W

BAY 15 d



21 W

BA 15 s



21/4 W

BAZ 15 d



5 W

BA 15 s



21 W

BAU 15 s


See pages 6:5-8 for more detailed information.

Volvo Car Corporation

Goteborg, Sweden
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