pg. 9:1 Specifications


This chapter contains facts and figures pertaining to the technical specifications of your car.

9:2Oil/Fluids specifications
9:3Engine specifications
9:4Cooling/fuel distributor ignition systems
9:4Front/rear suspensions
9:5Transmission, Capacities, Vehicle loading
9:6Electrical system/bulbs
9:7Dimensions and weights
9:8Service manuals, Road assistance
9:9Customer support

pg. 9:2 Oil/Fluids Specifications

Oil quality

Meeting API specification SG, SG/CD, SH or ILSAC GF-1
For best fuel economy and engine protection, consult with your authorized Volvo retailer for recommended oils. Oil with a different quality rating may not provide adequate engine protection. Synthetic oils complying with oil quality requirements are recommended. Volvo recommends the use of fuel economy improving oils. Look for the API label.
Synthetic oils complying with oil quality requirements are recommended for: Driving in areas of sustained temperature extremes (hot or cold), when towing a trailer over long distances or for prolonged driving in mountainous areas.
Extra oil additives must not be used unless advised by an authorized Volvo retailer.

Viscosity (stable ambient temperatures):

Engine oil Quality: Meeting API specification SG Capacity: 850 (5-cyl. engine) 5.6 US qts.(5.3 liters) (including filter)
850 Turbo - 5.6 US qts. (5.3 liters)*
Automatic transmission fluid Quality: ATF Dexron IIE and Mercon Capacity: 8 US qts. (7.6 liters)
Manual transmission fluid Quality: Volvo synthetic gearbox oil standard 97308 Capacity: 2.2 US qts (2.1 liters)
Power steering fluid Quality: ATF Capacity: 0.85 US qts. (0.8 liters)
Brake fluid Quality: DOT 4+ Capacity: 0.64 US qts. (0.6 liters)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

* Add 0.95 qts. (0.9 liters) if the oil cooler has been drained

pg. 9:3 Specifications


Liquid-cooled gasoline, 5-cylinder, in-line engine. Aluminum alloy cylinder block with cast-iron cylinder liners cast directly into block. Aluminum alloy cylinder head with double overhead camshafts and separate intake and outlet channels.
Engine lubrication is provided by an eccentric pump driven from the crankshaft. Full-flow type oil filter. Exhaust emission control accomplished by fuel injection, heated oxygen sensor(s) and three-way catalytic converter

Designation Volvo B 5234Turbo Volvo B 5254 S
Output 222 hp at 5280 rpm (166 km/88 rps)* 168 hp at 6200 rpm (125 kw 103 rps)
Max torque 221 ft. lbs. at 2000-5280 rpm (300 Nm/33-88 rps)* 162.3 ft. lbs. at 4700 rpm (220 Nm/55 rps)
Number of cylinders 5 5
Bore 3.19" (81 mm) 3.27" (83 mm)
Stroke 3.54" (90 mm) 3.54" (90 mm)
Displacement 2.3 liters 2.4 liters
Compression ratio 8.5:1 10.5:1
Valve clearance Self-adjusting Self-adjusting

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 9:4 Specifications

Cooling system

Type: Positive pressure, closed system
Thermostat begins to open at 186°F (90°C)
Turbo 180° F (87° C)
Coolant: Volvo original coolant/anti-freeze
Capacity: 7.6 US qts. (7.2 liters)
Turbo - 7.4 US qts. (7.0 liters)

Fuel system

The engine is equipped with a multiport fuel injection system (type LH-Jetronic 3.2 or Turbo: Motronic 4.3)

Distributor ignition system

Firing order 1-2-4-5-3
Distributor ignition setting Not adjustable
Spark plugs Bosch FR 6 DC (or equivalent)
Turbo: Champion RC7GYC (or equivalent)
Spark plug gap 0.028" (0.7 mm)
Tightening torque 18.4 ft. lbs. +/- 3.7 ft. lbs. (25 Nm +/- 5 Nm)

Front suspension

Spring strut suspension with integrated shock absorbers and control arm linked to the support frame. Power-assisted rack and pinion steering. Safety type steering column.
The alignment specifications apply to an unladen car but include fuel, coolant, and spare wheel.

Toe-in measured on the wheel rims: 2.4 mm +/- 0.7 mm
Toe-in measured on tire sides: 2.9 +/- 0.9 mm

Rear Suspension

Delta-link individual rear-wheel suspension with longitudinal support arms, double link arms and track rods.

Toe-in measured on the tire sides: 0° +/- 8'

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 9:5 Specifications (cont.)

Power transmission

Manual transmission: M56L
Single-disc dry plate clutch. All-synchromesh on all gears including reverse; integrated final drive. Operation via a floor mounted gear lever. Overdrive.

Final drive ratio 4.00:1
Reduction ratios
1st gear 3.38:1
2nd gear 1.90:1
3rd gear 1.19:1
4th gear 0.87:1
5th gear 0.70:1
Reverse 3.30:1

Automatic transmission: AW 50-42 LE
4-speed automatic electronically controlled gearbox comprising a hydraulic torque converter with a lock-up function; planetary gear, integrated final drive.
Operation via a floor mounted gear selector lever. Drive shafts with symmetrical joint location.

Final drive ratio 2.74:1 (Turbo: 2.54:1)
Reduction ratios
1st gear 3.61:1
2nd gear 2.06:1
3rd gear 1.37:1
4th gear 0.98:1
Reverse 3.95:1


Fuel tank 19.3 US gals (73 liters)
Cooling System 7.4 US qts. (7.0 liters)
Engine oil (incl. filter) 5.6 US qts. (5.3 liters)*
Automatic transmission 2 US gals (7.6 liters)
Manual transmission 2.2 US qts. (2.1 liters)
Power steering fluid 0.8 US qts. (0.8 liter)
Washer fluid reservoir 3.2 US qts. (3.0 liters)
Brake/clutch system 0.6 US qts (0.6 liters)

* Turbo: Add 0.95 US qt. (0.9 liters) if the oil cooler has been drained.

Vehicle Loading

The tires on your Volvo should perform to specifications at all normal loads when inflated as recommended on the tire information label. The label is located on the inside of the fuel filler flap. The label lists both tire and vehicle design limits. Do not load your car beyond the load limits indicated.

WARNING! Improperly inflated tires will reduce tire life, adversely affect vehicle handling and can possibly lead to failure resulting in loss of vehicle control prior warning.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 9:6 Specifications (cont.)

Electrical system

12 Volt, negative ground.
Voltage-controlled generator. Single-wire system with chassis and engine used as conductors.

Voltage 12 V
Capacity 520 A/100 min
(certain markets) 440 A/85 min

The battery contains corrosive and poisonous acids. It is of the utmost importance that old batteries are disposed of correctly. Your Volvo retailer can assist you in this matter.

Rated output 1400 W
Max. current 100 A


Bulb Power Socket No/bulbs
Headlights (single bulb) HB2 9003 2
High beam
Low beam



Front parking lights/turn signals 5 W BA 15 s 1
Turn signals, rear 21W BA 15 s 2
Tail lights 5 W BA 15 s 4
Brake lights 21W BA 15 s 2
Brake lights in spoiler 5W W 2.1x9.5d 6
Back-up lights 21W BA 15 s 2
Rear fog light 21W BA 15 s 1
License plate light 5 W W 2.1x9.5d 2
Door open warning light 3 W W 2.1x9.5d 4
Door step courtesy light 5W W 2.1x9.5d 2
Trunk light 10 W SV 8.5 1
Glove compartment light 2 W BA 9s 1
Vanity mirror lights 1.2 W 2
Instrument lighting 3 W W 2.1x9.5d 3
Illumination, control panel
gear selector (automatic trans.)
rear ashtray
seat belt lock
1.2 W
1.2 W
1.2 W
1.2 W
W 2x4.6 d
W 2x4.6 d
W 2x4.6 d
W 2x4.6 d

Instrument warning/indicator lights 1.2 W W 2x4.6 d
Front courtesy lights 5 W BA 9s 2
Rear reading lights 5 W BA 9s 2

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