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pg. 95 Specifications

Dimensions and weights 96
Cargo space 96
Engine 97
Cooling system 98
Fuel system 98
Ignition system 98
Power transmission 99
Front end 99
Capacities 100
Electrical system 100

pg. 96 Specifications

Dimensions and weights Sedan Models Wagon models
Length 189.9" (482 cm) 190.7" (484 cm)
Width 67.3" (171 cm) 67.3" (171 cm)
Height, curb weight 56.3" (143 cm) 57.5" (146 cm)
Wheelbase 104.3 " (265 cm) 104.3 " (265 cm)
Ground clearance (full load) 4.7" (12 cm) 4.7" (12 cm)
Track, front 56.3" (143 cm) 56.3" (143 cm)
Track, rear 53.5" (136 cm) 53.5" (136 cm)
Turning circle (between curbs) 32.2' (9.8 cm) 32.2' (9.8 cm)
Curb weight (depending on type) 2919-2985 lbs (1324-1354 kg) 3051-3097 lbs (1384-1405 kg)
Gross vehicle weight (GVW) 4030 lbs (1830 kg) 4300 lbs (1950 kg)
Capacity weight 960 lbs (435 kg) 1220 lbs (555 kg)
Permissible axle weight, front 1885 lbs (855 kg) 1885 lbs (855 kg)
Permissible axle weight, rear 2180 lbs (990 kg) 2600 lbs (1180 kg)
Max. trailer weight (trailer equipped with service brakes) 3300 lbs (1500 kg) 3300 lbs (1500 kg
Max. hitch load 200 lbs. (90 kg) 200 lbs. (90 kg)

Cargo Space Wagon models
Length with rear seat up 44.5" (113 cm)
Length with rear seat down 74.0" (188 cm)
Maximum width 53.1" (135 cm)
Height 32.9" (84 cm)
Volume with rear seat up 41 cu. ft. (1.2 m3)
Volume with rear seat down 76 cu. ft. (2.151 m3)
Cargo opening, maximum width 45.7" (116 cm)
Cargo opening, maximum height 30.7" (78 cm)

Dimensions and weighs for Canadian models

4 door Wagon
Length 482 cm 484 cm
Curb weight (depending on type) 1303-1314 kg 1367-1382 kg
Gross vehicle weight 1830 kg 1950 kg
Capacity weight 425 kg 495 kg
Permissible axle weight, rear 990kg 1120 kg

When adding accessories, equipment, luggage and other cargo to your vehicle, the total loaded weight capacity of the vehicle must not be exceeded. Consult your dealer for information.

pg. 97 Specifications

Engine B230F (2.3 liters; 141 cu. in.)
Liquid-cooled, gasoline, 4-cylinder in-line engine. Cast-iron cylinder block with cylinders bored directly in block. Aluminum-alloy cylinder head with single overhead camshaft and separate intake and outlet channels. Engine lubrication is provided by a gear pump driven from the crankshaft. Full-flow type oil filter. Exhaust-emission control accomplished by fuel injection, Lambda-sond® system and catalytic converter.
Output (SAE J1349) 114 hp at 5400 rpm (85 kW at 90 rps)
Max. torque (SAE J1349) 136 ft. Ibs. (185 Nm) at 2750 rpm
Number of cylinders4
Bore 3.78" (96 mm)
Stroke 3.15" (80 mm)
Displacement 2.32 liters (141 cu.in.)
Compression ratio 9.8:1
Valve clearance, cold engine inlet and exhaust Checking: Adjusting:
0.012-0.016" 0.014-0.016"
(0.30-0.40 mm) (0.35-0.40 mm)
Valve clearance, warm engine inlet and exhaust
0.016-0.018" 0.014-0.016"
(0.40-0.45 mm) (0.35-0.40 mm)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 98 Specifications

Engine B230F
Cooling System

Type Positive pressure, closed system
Thermostat begins to open at 188.6°F(87°C)
- fully open at 215°F(97°C)
Fan belts, designation HC-38 X 918 (two)
Coolant: Volvo Coolant type C (blue-green)

Fuel system
The engine is equipped with the LH-Jetronic electronic fuel injection system.

Ignition System
Firing order 1-3-4-2
Ignition setting (12°B.T.D.C.at 750rpm)
Spark plugs Bosch WR7DC (or equivalent)
Spark plug gap 0.028-0.032" (0.7-0.8 mm)
Tightening torque 15-22 ft. Ibs. (20-30 Nm)
Distributor, direction of rotation Clockwise

pg. 99 Specifications

Manual or automatic transmission.
Hypoid type final drive.

Manual transmission M47 II
Reduction ratios:
1st gear 4.03:1
2nd gear 2.16:1
3rd gear 1.37:1
4th gear 1.00:1
5th gear 0.82:1
Reverse 3.68:1
Rear axle reduction ratio: 3.31:1

Automatic transmission AW70
Reduction ratios:
1st gear 2.45:1
2nd gear 1.45:1
3rd gear 1:1
Overdrive 0.69:1
Reverse 2.22.1
Rear axle reduction ratio: 3.73:1

Vehicle speed/1000 engine rpm (manual transmission)
Rear axle ratio 3.31:1
mph km/h
1 st gear 5.4 8.7
2nd gear 10.0 16.2
3rd gear 15.8 25.5
4th gear 21.7 34.9
5th gear 26.4 42.5
Reverse 5.9 9.5

Front End
McPherson type spring and strut suspension. Shock absorbers housed in strut casing. Rack and pinion steering.
Safety-type steering column.
The alignment specifications apply to an unloaded car but include fuel, coolant and spare wheel.
Toe-in, measured on the wheel rim: 1/16" 3/64 "(1.5 1.0 mm)
Camber (not to exceed 1/2° difference between sides):
-All..................................................................................... +1/4° to + 3/4°
(Reduce camber if excessive wear on tire outer shoulder is observed)
Caster: not adjustable

pg. 100 Specifications

Fuel tank 15.8 US gals 60 liters
Cooling system
-manual transmission 9.9 US qts 9.4 liters
-automatic transmission 9.7 US qts 9.2 liters
-expansion tank separately 0.7 US qts 0.6 liters
-oil and filter change 4.0 US qts 3.85 liters
-oil changed separately 3.5 US qts 3.35 liters
-manual, M47 II 1.6 US qts 1.5 liters
-automatic, AW70 7.8 US qts 7.4 liters
Rear axle - 1030 1.4 US qts 1.3 liters
- 1031 1.7 US qts 1.6 liters
Power steering gear 0.8 US qts 0.75 liters
Windshield washer fluid 3.4 US qts 3.2 liters

12 V, negative ground. Voltage-controlled alternator. Single-wire system with chassis and engine used as conductors.
Voltage 12 V
450 A/90 min
Alternator :
- rated output
1120W, 80A

Lights, 12 V US bulb No. Power Socket No. of bulbs
Headlights 9004 45 W/65 W 2
Position Lights, front 1157NA 21 W/24 cp BaY 15d 2
5 W/2.2 cp 2
Turn Signals, front 1157NA 21 W/24 cp BaY 15d 2
5 W/2.2 cp
Turn Signals, rear 1156 21 W/32 cp Ba 15s 2
Brake light/tail light 1157 21 W/31 cp BaY 15d 2
5 W/3 cp
High-mounted brake light 1156 21 W/32 cp Ba 15s 1
Back-up Lights 1156 21 W/32 cp Ba 15s 2
Rear fog lights 1156 21 W/32 cp Ba 15s 2
The following bulbs may be obtained from your nearest Volvo dealer.
Rear ash tray lights 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
License plate Light, Sedan 4 W Ba9s 2
License plate Light, Wagon 5 W S8.5-8 2
Interior Light 10 W S8.5-8 1
Glovebox Light 2 W Ba9s 1
Instrument Panel Light 3 W W2.1x9.5d 2
Control Panel Light 1.2 W W2x4.6d 3
Shift position, Auto Transmission 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
Engine Compartment Light 15 W S8.5-8 1
Trunk Light 15 W S8.5-8 1
Warning Indicator Lamps
Charging 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
Turn Signals 1.2 W W2x4.6d 2
Brake Failure 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
Parking Brake 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
Headlights 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
Oil Pressure 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
Overdrive Off(automatic trans) 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
Warning Flashers 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
El. Heated Window 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1
Seat Belts 2 W Ba9s 2
Bulb Failure 1.2 W W2x4.6d 1

pg. 101 Specifications

Recommended max. and min. speeds*, mph (km/h)
Manual transmission M47 II
1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear 4th gear 5th gear
-25(-40) 10-44(20-70)20-70(30-110)25- (44-)44-(70-)

* always observe posted speed limits.

Tool bag
Wheel nut wrench.
2 screwdrivers (1 Phillips, 1 standard)
Tommy bar.
2 open end wrenches.

Vehicle Loading
The tires on your Volvo will perform to specifications at all normal loads when inflated as recommended on the tire information label located on the rear facing side of the right front door. This label lists both tire and vehicle design limits. Do not load your car beyond the load limits indicated.
See Consumer Information Booklet for complete tire pressure information.

Sample Tire Pressure Label

Model Vehicle capacity weight Recommended tire pressure
(for fuel economy)
Optimal Tire Pressure
1-3 occupants
Special Spare Special Spare
tire pressure
Tire Size
psi kPa psi kPa psi kPa psi kPa psi kPa
Sedan, USA 970 lbs 36 250 36 250 185/70T14 26 180 27 190 165-14 36 250
Sedan, Canada 425 kg 35 245 35 245 185/70T14 26 180 27 190 165-14 36 250
Wagon, USA 1220 lbs 36 250 36 250 185R 14 S 27 190 30 210 175-14 40 280
Wagon, Canada 495 kg 35 245 35 245 185R 14 S 26 180 30 210 175-14 40 280

pg. 102 Volvo Service Manuals

Service Manuals for your Volvo are available for purchase. These are the same used by competent Volvo technicians. Each major system in the car is covered by an individual Manual. These are grouped into ten sections and placed into a binder system. (Note that manuals and binders may be obtained separately or in preassembled sets.)
Major sections within the binder system include: 0-General Information; 1-Service and Maintenance; 2-Engine; 3-Electrical System and Instruments: 4-Power Transmission: 5-Brakes: 6-Suspension and Steering; 7-Frame, Springs, Dampers and Wheels; 8-Body: 9-Accessories and Other Equipment.
A Service Manual Brochure/Order Form was placed in the car prior to delivery from the dealer to you. Complete ordering information is provided.
Please note that these manuals may be offered for sale by your Volvo dealer. Prices charged by the dealer can vary from those listed in the brochure (according to Federal law).
Additional copies of the Brochure/Order Form may be obtained from your Volvo dealer, or by mail directly from:
Volvo Cars of North America
Rockleigh Industrial Park
Rockleigh, New Jersey 07647
Attention: Volvo Service Literature

Note that the above pertains to vehicles sold in the U.S.A. only. Canadian owners should contact their authorized Volvo dealer to obtain Service Manuals.

Volvo supports Voluntary Mechanic Certification by the N.I.A.S.E. Certified mechanics have demonstrated a high degree of competence in specific areas.
Besides passing exams each mechanic must also have worked in the field for two or more years before a certificate is issued.
These professional mechanics are fully able to analyze vehicle problems and perform the necessary service procedures to keep your Volvo at peak operating condition.

Note! The above pertains to USA only.

pg. 103 Road assistance

Your new Volvo comes with a three year road assistance program known as ON-CALL. Additional information, features, and benefits are described in a separate information package in your glove compartment.

pg. 104 Child safety

Child Restraint Anchorages
Volvo cars are fitted with child restraint top tether anchorages in the rear seat. There are three anchorages under the rear section of the car's rear window shelf on sedans and in the back of the rear seat in wagons. When the car is delivered, the holes for these anchorages are covered by plastic screws. In cars designated for Canada, one top tether anchorage set will be in the glove box. In cars designated for the U.S., a coupon good for one set, will be provided by mail. The top tether anchorage set includes the top tether anchorage plate, an M8 bolt (30 mm long) and a plastic trim cover. If another set is needed, consult your Volvo dealer.

Installing the top tether
Remove the plastic screw covering the anchorage point you want to use. This can be done with a suitable coin. The screw is removed counter-clockwise.
Place the top tether anchorage plate as shown in the illustration. Using the M8 bolt, tighten securely, to 16 2.5 ft.lbs. Place the plastic trim plate over the anchorage plate, if desired.

Child Restraint Anchorages are designed to withstand only those loads imposed by correctly fitted Child Restraints. Under no circumstances are they to be used for adult seat belts or harnesses. The anchorages are not able to withstand excessive forces on them in the event collision if full harness seat belts or adult seat belts are installed to them.
A grown-up who uses a belt anchored in a Child Restraint Anchorage runs a great risk of suffering severe injuries should a collision occur.

pg. 105

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