ROCKLEIGH, N.J. -- Volvo has christened a new flagship for its 1987 model line, the 780 Coupe, designed and built by Carrozzeria Bertone of Turin, Italy. This new limited production personal luxury coupe sets the tone and pace for Volvo's stylish 1987 model line.

The 780 represents a masterful blending of Italian design and luxury with the traditional Volvo virtues of quality, durability, safety and comfort. It is the latest in a long line of classic designs penned by the legendary Nuccio Bertone, whose career spans more than 35 years. With fluid lines, a provocative stance, and sumptuous interior appointments, the 780 is truly a study in understated elegance. Though it shares the mechanical platform with the 740 and 760, the 780 has no common exterior panels. Its most stunning visual element is its unique and graceful roofline.

But the big news on the 780 is not limited to its skin. It sports a fine leather interior with accents of genuine elm burl. Standard features include: electrically adjustable front seats, an electric moon roof, and a high tech AM/FM stereo cassette sound center with a seven-band electronic equalizer and four speakers. Also' standard are a sophisticated automatic climate control system, cruise control, power windows, central locking system, plush floor mats, automatic transmission, remote trunk and fuel door releases, and distinctive 15-spoke alloy wheels.

On the technical side, the 780 leads the way on several fronts. It is powered by an even-firing version of Volvo's 2.8 liter V-6 engine, which has been completely re-engineered for 1987. Though it shares its internal and external dimensions with its predecessor, the B280F is totally new in character. Horsepower is now 145 and vibration is virtually nonexistent. An offset pin crankshaft, Bosch EZ-K ignition and LH Lambda fuel injection systems combine to produce a power plant of superior smoothness and tractability. An Anti-lock Braking System (A.B.S.) is also standard on the-780 Coupe as is Volvo's Supplemental Restraint System (S.R.S.).

The benefits of these new technical features are felt throughout the 700 Series range. The 760 GLE sedan will again have a choice of pow6r plants for 1987: the turbocharger and intercooled 2.3 liter four-cylinder B230FT or the B280F high tech V-6 that powers the 780. Automatic transmission is available with either engine in the 760. Volvo's smooth shifting four-speed manual with electric overdrive is available only on the turbocharger models.

The interior of the 760 continues the luxurious theme set by the 780 Coupe, offering leather upholstery on Volvo's famous orthopedically designed front bucket seats, as well as its contoured rear seat designed to seat three adults in comfort. In the best Volvo tradition, attention to detail is reflected in the convenient placement of all operating controls. The instrument panel does not concede to the present digital fad, instead offering large, easy-to-read analog gauges. The instrument panel is joined by the console which is angled toward the driver for easy access to the automatic climate control and the 760's impressive audio system. This custom audio package includes an AM/FM stereo cassette receiver, seven-band graphic equalizer, four speakers and a power antenna as standard equipment.

The 760, which is available as either a-four-door sedan or wagon, is complete in just about every detail. Among its other standard features are power windows, cruise control, central locking system, and plush floor mats. An Anti-lock Braking System will be standard equipment on all four-door models after January 1, 1987. A driver's side Supplemental Restraint System, consisting of an inflatable restraint and knee bolster, will be standard after March production.

Next in Volvo's product lineup is the 740 Turbo. Available as either a four-door sedan or as a wagon, this car has proved its point to enthusiasts worldwide. While other manufacturers talk performance, Volvo delivers. Powered by a 160 HP turbocharged, intercooled 2.3 liter, four-cylinder engine, the 740 can easily produce 0-60 times in the eight-second range. Michelin 195/60Rl5 radial tires, combined with a performance tuned suspension system and Volvo's famous four-wheel disc brakes, assure drivers that the 740 Turbo not only goes...but turns, stops and rides like a state-of-the-art performance vehicle.

The 740 Turbo's "cockpit" offers the driver and passengers both performance and luxury. The leather trimmed velour seats offer excellent lateral support, while maintaining their orthopedically adjustable features. A fully instrumented dashboard and a small diameter steering wheel highlight the car's sporting flair and excitement. Unlike some Performance sedans, there are no compromises with the 740 Turbo. Drivers will not have to accept a bone-jarring ride in order to achieve competent handling. Nor will they have to sacrifice any of the other Volvo strengths -- quality, dependability or safety -- in the name of performance. The race-proven 740 Turbo is the epitome of uncompromising all-around performance. Standard features include power assisted rack and pinion steering, air conditioning, AM/FM stereo cassette, floor mats, and five-spoke alloy wheels.

Since its introduction in 1985, the Volvo 740 GLE has become the most popular member of the 700 Series family. It combines the bold lines, the solid construction, and the interior comforts of the 760 with the economy of a 2.3 liter, four-cylinder fuel injected power plant. Teamed with either a four-speed overdrive automatic transmission or a four-speed manual gearbox with overdrive, the 740 GLE delivers good fuel economy with plenty of performance. The value the 740 GLE offers is evident in its list of standard features: power assisted rack and pinion steering and four-wheel disc brakes, sun roof, air conditioning, power windows, central door locks, front seat heaters, AM/FM stereo cassette sound system, and floor mats.

The tried and true 240 Series is the foundation on which Volvo's 1987 lineup is built. Since their introduction in 1975, the 240 Series sedans and wagons have been continuously developed and refined, evolving into two models, the 240 DL and the 240 GL. Though mechanically similar, each offers its own distinctive level of trim. Under the hood, they are both powered by the same engine that powers the 740 GLE. Coupled to either Volvo's new five-speed manual gearbox or the four-speed overdrive automatic, the rugged 2.3 liter, fuel injected four-cylinder engine again delivers good economy with surprising performance.

Both 240s come with power assisted rack and pinion steering and four-wheel power assisted disc brakes, air conditioning, tinted glass, full carpeting, central locking system, two-speed wipers with intermittent position, dual remote adjustable outside mirrors, and premium steel belted radial tires. The GL model also features rich looking 25-spoke alloy wheels, sun roof, power windows, and leather upholstery, which is standard on the wagon and optional on the four-door sedan.

There are certain features that are standard to all Volvos: Volvo's customer protection plan. All Volvos are covered by a three-year unlimited mileage, limited new car warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. This coverage also takes care of those "adjustments" that most other manufacturers exclude. The 1987 Volvos are also covered by a 96-month limited corrosion protection warranty, and a five-year limited seat belt warranty. Every buyer of a new Volvo, whether the basic 240 DL or the exclusive 780 Coupe, receives the protection and security of ON CALL, the most comprehensive road assistance plan in automotive history. ON CALL provides a toll-free, one-call method for securing help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

With Volvo's time-honored commitment to product quality, and its dedication to customer satisfaction, it may be said the the most important piece of standard equipment on every Volvo is the name Volvo!