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pg. 106 Specifications


Dimensions and weights 106
Engine specifications 107
Electrical system specifications 108
Capacities 109
Oil specifications 110

Dimensions and weights
Length188.6"479 cm
Width68.9"175 cm
Height55.1"140 cm
Wheelbase109"277 cm
-front57.9"147 cm
-rear57.5"146 cm
Turning circle, between curbs32.5 ft9.9 m
Trunk capacity17.2 cu. ft.0.487 m3
Gross Vehicle Weight (GvW)4141 lbs.1880 kg
Capacity weight*654 lbs.297 kg
Permissible axle weight, front: 2126 lbs.965 kg
Permissible axle weight, rear:2059 lbs.935 kg
Max. roof load220 lbs.100 kg
Max. trailer weight1982 lbs.900 kg
Curb weight3487 lbs.1583 kg

* The maximum permissible axle loads must not be exceeded

When adding accessories, equipment, luggage and other cargo to your vehicle, the total loaded weight capacity of the vehicle must not be exceeded.

Consult your Volvo dealer for information.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 107 Specifications

Type designationVolvo B280F
Output (SAEJ 1349)146 hp at 5100 rpm
(108 kW at 85 rps)
Max. torque (SAEJ 1349)173 ft. lbs. (235 Nm) at 3750 rpm
Number of cylinders6
Bore3.58"(91 mm)
Stroke2.87" (73 mm)
Displacement2.85 liters
Compression ratio9.5:1
Valve clearance cold engine
inlet0.004 0.006"
(0.10-0.15 mm)
exhaust0.010 0.012"
(0.25-0.30 mm)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Cooling system
Type Positive pressure, Closed system
Thermostat begins to open at 189°F (87°C)
Coolant: Volvo coolant type C (blue-green)
Capacity: 10 US qts (9.5 liters)

Ignition system
Firing order 1-6-3-5-2-4
Ignition setting (cannot be adjusted) 16°B.T.D.C. at 12.5 rps (750 rpm)
Spark plugs* Volvo P/N 273599-1**
Spark plug gap 0.024-0.028" (0.6-0.7 mm)
Tightening torque9 ft. lbs. (12 Nm)

* Must not be removed when the engine is hot

** Bosch HR6DC (or equivalent)

pg. 108 Specifications

Electrical system
12 V, negative ground.
Voltage-controlled alternator. Single-wire system with chassis and engine used as conductors.
Battery, type Maintenance free
Capacity66 Ah
Electrolyte, specific gravity1.28
Recharge at1.23
Alternator, rated output1400 W
max. current 100 A

The following bulbs may be obtained from your nearest Volvo dealer

Lights. 12 V US Bulb No. Power Socket
Headlights Halogen
45/65 W
Parking lights, front 4 W Ba 9 s
Turn signals, front 1073 21 W/32 cp Ba 15 s
Turn signals, rear 1073 21 W/32 cp Ba 15 s
Tail lights 67 5 W/4 cp Ba 15 s
Brake light 1073 21/W32 cp Ba 15 s
High-mounted brake light 20 W Ba 9 s
Back-up lights 1073 21 W/32 cp Ba 15 s
Rear fog lights 1073 21 W/32 cp Ba 15 s
Fog lights 55 W H3
License plate light 5 W Ba 9 s
Door warning lights 3 W W 2.1 x 9.5d
Interior light 10 W SV 8.5
Reading lights 5 W W 2.1 x 9.5d
Engine compartment light 10 W SV 8.5
Trunk light 10 W SV 8.5
Glove box light 2 W Ba 9 s
Instrument lighting 3 W W 2.1 x 9.5d
Lighting control panel 1.2 W W2x4.6d
A/T selector 1.2 W W2x4.6d
Ashtray, rear 1.2 W W2x4.6d
Warning lights/Indicator lights 1.2 W Volvo P/N 966326

pg. 109 Specifications

Vehicle Loading
The tires on your Volvo should perform to specifications at all normal loads when inflated as recommended on the tire information label. The label is located on the rear-facing edge of the right-front door. This label lists both tire and vehicle design limits. Do not load your car beyond the load limits indicated.

Tire Pressure Label

Improperly inflated tires will reduce tire life, adversely affect vehicle handling and can possibly lead to failure resulting in loss of vehicle control without prior warning.

Tool kit
Wheel nut wrench.
2 screwdrivers (1 Phillips, 1 standard)
Pry bar
2 open end Wrenches.
Crank for front seats
Spark plug wrench

Fuel tank (approx.)15.8 US gal. (60 liters)
Cooling System10 US qts.(9.5 liters)
Engine at oil change7.0 US qts.(6.0 liters)
Automatic transmission (AW71)7.9 US qts (7.5 liters)
Rear axle1.7 US qts.(1.6 liters)
Power steering gear0.8 US qts.(0.8 liter)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 110 Specifications

Engine oil
Quality: According to API SF.
Oils with designation SF/CC and SF/CD comply with these demands.
Synthetic or semi-synthetic oils may be used if their specifications comply with the above.
Volvo recommends the use of fuel-economy-improving oils. When using these oils, the Volvo recommended oil change intervals must be followed.

Volvo does not recommend oil additives as they can adversely affect the engine.
Capacity:(incl. oil filter) 6.3 US qts. (6.0 liters)

SAE 15 W/40 oil is recommended for use in severe driving conditions which involve high oil temperatures or excessive oil consumption (e.g. mountain driving with frequent deceleration, or high-speed driving.) Note, however, the higher temperature range of 15W/40 oil.

Viscosity (stable ambient temperatures)

Automatic Transmission fluidQuality: ATF Dexron IID Capacity: 7.9 qts. (7.5 liters)
Rear axle oilQuality: API-GL-5(MIL-L-2105 B or C) SAE 90 or 80W/90 Capacity: 1.7 qts. (1.6 liters)
Power steering fluidQuality: ATF Capacity: 0.8 US qt.(0.8 liter)
Brake fluidBrake fluid type: DOT 4 Capacity: 0.43 US qt. (0.4 liter)

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

pg. 111 Specifications

Service Manuals for your Volvo are available for purchase. These are the same manuals used by competent Volvo technicians.

Major sections within the Service Manual System include: 0-General Information: 1- Lubrication and Service: 2-Engine: 3-Electrical System: 4- Power Transmission: 5-Brakes: 6- Suspension and Steering: 7-Springs Shock Absorbers and Wheels: 8-Body and Interior.

A Service Manual Brochure/Order Form was placed in the car prior to delivery from the dealer to you. Complete ordering information is provided.
Please note that these manuals may be offered for sale by your Volvo dealer. Prices charged by the dealer can vary from those listed in the brochure (according to Federal law).

Additional copies of the Brochure/Order Form may be obtained from your Volvo dealer, or by mail directly from:
Volvo Cars of North America
One Volvo Drive
Rockleigh, New Jersey 07647
Attention: Volvo Service Literature

Note that the above pertains to vehicles sold in the U.S.A. only.

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Volvo supports Voluntary Mechanic Certification by the N.I.A.S.E. Certified mechanics have demonstrated a high degree of competence in specific areas. Besides passing exams each mechanic must also have worked in the field for two or more years before a certificate is issued. These professional mechanics are fully able to analyze vehicle problems and perform the necessary service procedures to keep your Volvo at peak operating condition.

Note! that the above pertains to USA only.

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