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DL, GL and Turbo

Welcome to the world-wide family of Volvo owners. We trust that you will enjoy many years of safe driving in your Volvo, an automobile designed with your safety and comfort in mind. To ensure your satisfaction with this vehicle, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the equipment descriptions, operating instructions, and maintenance requirements/recommendations in this manual. We also urge you and your passengers to wear seat belts at all times in this (or any other) automobile. And, of course, please do not operate a vehicle if you may be affected by alcohol, medication, or any impairment that could hinder your ability to drive.

Your Volvo is designed to meet all applicable safety and emission standards, as evidenced by the certification labels attached to the door opening sheet metal and on the left wheel housing in the engine compartment. For further information regarding these regulations, please contact your dealer.



General Information 2
Keys 3
Instruments and controls 4
Instruments 6
Warning lights 7
Ignition switch, turn signals 8
Lighting 9
Windshield wipers, washer nozzles 10
Washer fluid reservoir 11
Rear window demister, heated seat, hazard warning flasher 12
Parking brake 13
Clock, boost pressure gauge, ambient temperature gauge 14
Oil pressure gauge, voltmeter 15
Cigarette lighter, ash trays 16
Electrically operated windows 17
Heating and ventilation 18
Air conditioning 20
Radios, AM-FM-FM stereo/tape players 21
Front seats 22
Seat belts 24
Doors and locks 26
Rear doors, trunk lid, vent windows 27
Hood release, Long load storage 28
Rear/side view mirrors 29
Interior light, sun roof, fuel tank cap 30
Rear seat (wagon) 31
Tailgate (wagon) 32
Cargo compartment (wagon) 33
Service inspection 34
Break-in period 34
Driving economy, shift indicator light 35
Starting the engine 36
Manual transmission 37
Automatic transmission 38
Emergency towing 40
Towing information 41
Trailer hauling 42
Automatic transmission, brake system 43
Catalytic converter 44
Maintenance services 45
Service requirements 46
Engine B230F , B21F-Turbo 48
Fuel requirements 50
Engine fluids 51
Cooling system 53
Servicing 56
Transmission oil 60
Rear axle, power steering, brake fluid 62
Lubrication 63
Coolant 64
Alternator, jump starting 65
Replacing bulbs 66
Fuses 71
Wheels and tires 72
Wheel changing 74
Replacing wiper blades 76
Washing, cleaning 76
Cleaning, anti-rust treatment 77
Paint touch-up 78
Long distance trips, cold weather 81
Service diagnosis 82
Specifications 88
Volvo Service Manuals 94
Index 95

All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. Volvo reserves the right to make model changes at any time, or to change specifications or design, without notice and without incurring obligation.

pg. 2 General Information

Do not export your Volvo to another country before investigating that country's applicable safety and exhaust emission requirements. In some cases it may be difficult or impossible to comply with these requirements. Modifications to the emission control system(s) may render your Volvo non-certifiable for legal operation in the U.S., Canada and other countries.

pg. 3 Keys

The key number codes are stamped on a separate tag supplied with the keys. This tag should be separated from the key ring and kept in a safe place.
The double-sided tape on the back of the tag can be used to secure it safely.
In the event the original keys are lost, duplicates may be ordered from your Volvo dealer.

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